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not a problem per se but a question as far as anydesk-connection is concerned:

I´ve got a question regarding data usage as far as anydesk is concerned:

As my sole means of internet connection is a 4G-stick (huawei E3372h-320) I´m on a tight budget.
I´ve got 5 GB high-speed data available per 28 days.

What I´d like to find out is whether there´s a possibility/setting that lets me use as little data as possible :question:

The day before yesterday I helped my friend for about 2 hours and the connection used up about 400 MB on my part. :roll_eyes:

Curious thing though: Formerly I was using the 3G-stick Huawei E1550 and I recollect that even a 4 hours session didn´t take up more than about 150 GB. :thinking:
(sorry, I meant 150 MB of course, see @Akito ´s post below)

Can you help me in any way?

Thanks a lot in advance.
Many greetings.
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2021-09-01 15_40_28-AnyDesk

Using the “Best reaction time” is just a euphemism for preferring a lower quality display for the sake of better performance and snappiness when streaming a desktop.

The biggest data consumer is display and sound. If you turn off sound and keep the display quality to a minimum, you should achieve the most thrifty results.

First of all, you are talking about 150MB, not 150GB. :wink:

Secondly, this can happen, when the program, i.e. AnyDesk, “balances” both, quality and “reaction time”. The time it used up 150MB, it may have balanced to a poorer display quality, while the other time it preferred a better display quality.

Thirdly, it hugely depends on the activities streamed. If I stream my desktop with (almost) no movement for 24 hours, it will still use much less data, than watching a 2 hour long action movie with explosions, while having AnyDesk enforcing best audio and video quality.

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Hi @Akito, :wave:

thanks so much for helping me with this one as well. :hearts:

You´re right of course. Sorry about the typo. :worried:

As far as display is concerned the quality settings already are like in your picture.
But I may still do something about audio. I´ve just un-checked “Enable audio transmission”.
Perhaps I´ll help a bit.

That I understand.
Trying to think of past activities I cannot say for sure but I´m more or less convinced we didn´t do anything out of the ordinary. So no video streaming or anything like that.

So I think - thanks to your help - I´ve adjusted the anydesk settings as best I could.

I´ll keep an eye on data consumption next time I connect to my friend´s laptop.

Thank you very much once again, Akito. Your help is very much appreciated. :hearts:

Many greetings from Rosika :slightly_smiling_face:

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