Best Linux WiFi information

In the course of unscrambling my install script bungle, I found the following Github site, which is an excellent source of info on Linux compatability and drivers for Wifi adapters.

If you are considering buying an adapter or have one and need a driver look at this site. The scope of information is amazing.


I found this resource when I needed a driver for the Wi-Fi6 adapter I got for my last desktop build. I agree, it is a veritable fount of useful information.

When my last build suddenly stopped working, I got a new motherboard and case. The motherboard came with an onboard Wi-Fi6 adapter, and I found that it requires an inbuilt Linux driver that comes with the Linux Kernel version 6+, but when I or a friend have any Wi-Fi issues, I refer to this site to help me work out the solution.

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Thanks Ernie, I thought that site was exceptional and it is nice to hear someone else thinks the same

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