Cant boot properly

Hello kind ppl

I dual booted linux mint yesterday only.
It was working fine til today itself
but now, when I press enter on Linux mint cinnamon on grub
it shows me the Linux minty loading, I mean the logo with green strip loading appears but then it only show me an underscore on top left

pls help me its urgent pls help

Thank you in advance

pls help guyss pls ppl

This makes me remember when something prevents X to start properly.
What if you press ctrl-alt-f1?
Do you get a login prompt? (I hope… )

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no it gets me to login terminal

and idk how to login in there

when i pres ctrl + alt + f1/f2/f3/f4/f5/f6 it gets me to login terminal but i dk how to login there

So there you can enter your credentials.
login: [enter here your username] (Press ENTER)
password: enter your password here (you will not see it)
Hopefully you can log in.

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i tried it
it says login incorrect

i tried in ctrl alt f1
should i try in everyfunction key terminal

Those are the consoles, you get the graphical console (X server) with ctrl-alt-f7

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oh thnx
will try and reply

btw i guess clicked an button
which comes at login screen when its at sleep
see first we see a password enter ob, then an > then one button and then one more
I bymistakenly clicked on that last one

hello sir @kovacslt u were typing

do u know which button it was?

I suspect, X is not running, try to (re)start it
So you hopefully logged in on the console.
sudo su
I don’t know what DE you have, lightdm or gdm is your display manager?
systemctl status gdm
or try:
systemctl status lightdm
For which you get an answer other “Unit ####.service could not be found.” that is your DM.
Say, it is lightdm.
first try stop it:
systemctl stop lightdm
then start again:
systemctl start lightdm
Do you get an error report about something failed?
If not, press ctrl-alt-f7.
If yes, tell what’s the output of
journalctl -xe.
We may need to examine /var/log/Xorg.0.log

how to retrat x ? and i cant log in to the consoles I tried it
btw sry i cant get ur lines u said from the srd line sryyy

oh yeah i guess i got it u are saying abt sending the error which happened after i logged in

Quick and dirty demo.
On a test VM I kinda pressed ctrl-alt-f1.

Logged in, gained root acces, restarted lightdm.
Does this help for you?

You surely mistyped your name/password.

one prob
now i cant see grub at start itself