Can't change ubuntu to windows 10

I followed the instructions from How to Create a Bootable Windows 10 USB in Linux - It's FOSS
But I am unable to boot into windows. System shows file can’t be copied due to large size. Using exfat didn’t help too . Windows is visible to install only while using NTFS but says required file is Missing.

Please help

I’m pretty sure this is the result of a user error. However, I would just recommend you to use something like the classic dd, if you want to put the ISO onto the stick by using Linux, anyway.

If you have any chance to use Windows to put the ISO onto the stick, I strongly recommend Rufus. There is barely anything you can do wrong when using that tool. It’s the best tool available, but only for Windows.

Additionally, look at the FAQ, for more useful information regarding this topic:

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Try using Rufus in some other PC if you don’t have Windows. It’s the best tool I’ve ever seen.

By the way, what’s the file size? Is that 5 gig?

I can say it’s partition comparability issue win run on NTFS partition check the partition and also uefi and legacy should be enabled

Instead of Fat 32 on your USB change it to NTFS, as Windows is over 5GB and Fat32 only reads up to 4GB. If someone else has answered the same, then I apologise, as I have not read that far down.