Cant install elementary os

Help please, installimg elementary OS
Did all the first steps, but!
When booting with USB the ‘e’ logo apears and the coutdown to boot.
When reach 0 there is a black screen with white bleeping on the screen like a command line but nothing happend even if i wait.
What should i do?


Could you please insert the image properly and not set it as a downloadable file? Thanks.

Secondly, please provide more information on your machine, etc.

Ok sorry.
first i went step by step via this guide:

inserted the boot USB drive and restart the PC, didnt had to do anything, the elementary OS logo apears automaticly, then it said it “boot in 5,4,3,2,1”.
then a black screen apeared with only a white bleep at the top left, like a command line.

and that is it. no matter how long i wait the installation screen will not show.

How did you write to the USB drive? If you use Windows, then always use Rufus to write an image in DD mode. This way you avoid problems with special images.

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Thanks. Install in progress :slight_smile:

So is the USB boot now working?

How is it going?

Yes. Thank you very much for your help

I’ll update the article. The old method is probably not compatible with UEFI systems.

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