Cooking CPUs - How to be COOL

Hi all hot FOSSers with HOT CPUs. Perhaps you are building or have built your own mega OTT computer to play games - whatever, init…! CPUs getting too hot, problems with intermittent CPU loading or spikes. Guess it must be the OS specific kernel build causing this… who knows…who cares? Why do you need such an expensive specification…? Why not buy a fully customized build machine or an off the shelf rig from Corsair…? :smiley:


CORSAIR ONE PRO enables faster video editing and rendering with the power of a multi-core Intel CPU and high performance NVIDIA® GeForce RTX™ graphics.

Dear Fossers please take no notice at all of some amateur posters or even staff with their silly uninformed negative content on NVIDIA. :joy: :kissing_heart: :wink: Take note of the C-Net editor’s choice of the CORSAIR ONE PRO i200 Compact Workstation- its NVIDIA graphics and the multiple tests proving its relative performance.
My ancient 3D CAD workstation has Corsair RAM and NVIDIA graphics - yet our staff are blind and deaf as to why its 32bit performance is staggering with Trisquel OS…! :astonished:

However if you are staying with it: The solution is known to all good engineers and Petrol-Heads - Hey; since way before I was born in 1950.
First you identify the problem - Power Density - then take a brief quick read of its solution history. You or anybody else is then armed to find their own solution in this modern high tech world after checking their bank balance and savings account.
Historically; crude stationary IC engines used to replace steam engines were initially air cooled - quickly replaced with a cast bucket for water integral with the cylinder head providing cooling by evaporation and surface area. Next up was thermal syphon where heated water rises naturally unassisted, driving the circulation; ending up with modern vehicles where the system is driven by a powered pump which of course like RAM usage detracts from and diminishes available power.
My advice for an easy solution, as you can obviously afford it, is to head on over to Corsair and buy a solution off the shelf - it beats the cr4p out of banging your head against the wall searching for a solution. Check out their iCUE and triple radiators.
Hope this helps…?

Personally I hate this grossly inefficient Americanesque :woozy_face: :nauseated_face:methodology of adding stuff to solve a problem I much prefer the British way of tackling the problem at source and using innovation to solve the problem - and or simply removing stuff. My last motorcycle which I have now sold was as all the others, air cooled. Hey; at the end of the day all systems must ultimately loose heat to the air. Perhaps, just perhaps with the exception of the piezo crystal (piezoelectric effect in your smartphone and some computer chips) :face_with_monocle:
A bit of fun - Being a Darwinist, yet still a free thinker in other matters you realize that you are doomed on an evolutionary dead end as nature never tolerates such gross inefficiency for long. Roll on Quantum computers… or like me head in the opposite direction. :crazy_face: