Correct repository for gnome tweaks in Kubuntu 18.04

I’m trying to install gnome-tweaks in Kubuntu 18.04. I added theuniverse repository and retrieved it, but I seem to have gotten the XFCE version, which apparently is different. Among other problems, there is no way to exit and save settings, nor to enlarge the window. How can I get the correct version?

Does it really make sense to use another desktop environment in Kubuntu than KDE?

Kubuntu is very much intertwined with the KDE project. If you want to use something else, I would recommend you to use another distribution. It is not really meant to be used with Gnome or XFCE.

BTW: Kubuntu is my main computer’s distribution and has been for more than a decade. Gnome apps usually work just fine, but Gnome Tweaks is a tool to adjust Gnome settings in a way that is part of KDE by default. If I were you, I’d restore my system to the state before installing Tweaks and then ask how to achieve the desired effect in KDE.


Please do not use GNOME Tweaks tool on Kubuntu which uses KDE. GNOME Tweaks is not intended for KDE desktop.

Why do you need GNOME Tweaks anyway? KDE provides all the customization options in its settings.

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I have no great fondness for gnome-tweaks, but it’s the only way I know of to deal with a nasty gap in the design of KDE: it provides no way to change the font of the titles of windows and a number of other contexts that use the “system” font. Clearly these are unaffected by the font setting in System Settings. I inquired about this but got no responses.

Yes Abhishek, I’ve used gnome-tweaks 2 years ago, when I had installed parrot Linux. The tweak tool modified the gtk related stuff and caused problems. KDE almost died.

This is simply not true! Changing window title fonts and font-sizes works perfectly from the settings menu as shown here. I haven’t yet found a context where I couldn’t change the font.

Kubuntu 20.10
KDE Plasma version 5.19.5

(works also perfectly fine under Garuda Linux with KDE Plasma Version 5.21.0)

Maybe you didn’t get an answer (From whom? The KDE Team? The Kubuntu Team?), simply because it might have been a bug in an older version which has been fixed, maybe already for a while.
That’s why we get system upgrades from time to time.

You’re right. I overlooked the lower items in System Settings/Fonts. My bad.

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