Debian 12 released

Debian 12 was recently released.
I still run Debian 11 on my machines, but I’m going to try Bookworm soon.
What’s interesting, is that Debian now includes the non-free blobs by default.

I think that they either heard nagging @daniel.m.tripp :grin: or took that small voting
Anyway, it seems, there’s no more need to fiddle with enabling those non-free repos, which is kind of comfortable to me as well…


I will try an inline upgrade from 11 to 12. They should release instructions for that soon.
Eager to get the corresponding Devuan release.


It’s already there:

Just matter of time - they’ll make it soon, I’m confident :wink:


I only have one debian instance left at home… Stretch… on a Pi3B… Not planning on upgrading… and I don’t care…

Took me long enough to get TVHeadend working on it… That was when Buster had come out for some time, but the TVHeadend forums recommended Stretch - so I’ll stick with Stretch…

I guess if I could be arsed, I could image (dd) my Stretch SD-Card - boot it on another Pi3B (I have one idle / spare) - and do an inplace upgrade (by editing my /etc/apt/sources.list file - I’ve done that maybe twice before) to Buster, then Bullseye then Bookworm, but that sounds like an awful lot of work.

My other arm SBC “Server” - running Transmission Daemon, is an Orange Pi 2E+, running Armbian 16 (you read that right - Armbian 16 based on Ubuntu 16) - and I don’t care…

If someone was able to hack into my WiFi or LAN, an insecure Linux instance would be the least of my worries - if it ain’t broke DON’T FIX IT!

I miss the good old days where we only applied specific patches, that explicitly fixed something, that was broken!

Having said that - let me say this - I like Debian - but - I tried booting it on that same Dell where I’m trying (and failing) to install Gentoo - and Ventoy booted into Debian and spewed pixelated garbage all over the screen (didn’t hang around long enough to try different boot options from Ventoy or Debian)…
And 'cause I’m lazy, I want stuff that either works plug and play first off - or - like the case of Gentoo, involves deep-diving and sorting out complex stuff - no middle-ground for me I’m afraid :

  • incredibly simple plug and play like Ubuntu or Pop!_OS
  • incredibly complicated trifling with various intricate details, like Gentoo

I’m sure Arch might sit in the middle ground (between those two extremes) somewhere - but it doesn’t satisfy either of those…

Getting Gentoo running reminds me a lot more of my first Linux adventures with Slackware in 1995, than my previous (maybe 2-3 years ago - before I joined this forum anyway) attempts at Arch - mainly 'cause to do anything meaning ful with Slackware (like getting online - mostly I didn’t have internet at home - only through my student account at a University - that was disabled over the end of year break - or patching my work computer’s coax into the University [different university] LAN on a hospital campus).


I like that combination too (MX + Void)

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I’ll check wether Debian 12 offers something new I wish to have, and decide to upgrade now or not. But I’m surely going to try it, and in the long run I’ll upgrade at some point. :slight_smile:
But that’s the desktop usage only.

On my Rpi I have Buster, as it works, it does its job completely perfectly, and all the superlativus apply here. :smiley:

My Odroid is going to run on Bullseye for another year at least, I think I would not like to upgrade it just because of the sake of it…

I like to use a mature stable system, and Debian is such a thing to me.

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As you know, I had to abandon Debian in one machine because of problems with a new amd graphics card. Now Debian 12 will probably support amdgpu, so I could abandon MX and go back to Debian as my stable base system.

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