Deja-dup not working on schedule. in Lite 4.2

Hi all,
I noticed other users having a problem with Deja-dup not backing up on schedule.
I could not find anyone suggesting an answer, so I did a little searching in the system,
I found a simple solution, just go to "menu, Settings, Session and Startup, Application autostart and tick “backup monitor” Low and behold my Backup works as required.
I hope this is of help to all with the same problem.


I do not use any back up tool anymore, I just use the copy to function and copy my ‘documents folder’ to an external hard drive on an ad-hoc basis. es this is a slow process I know. I did it today and it took over 1.5 hours (27 GBS of files) but I learned a lesson a few years ago. First with Windows when their back up tool just stopped working and once with Deja-dup when it suddenly refused to acknowledge my password. I dare not risk it happening again hence my use of a slow but reliable method of backing up my documents which is all I really need to backup as I load a LTS system every two yeas anyway.


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I think it’s not right to learn from a bad experience by avoiding this type of experience, at all. Hence the insane amount of time for backing up such small amount of data in the year 2019.

Check out the post about my favourite backup tool, possible without passwords and will keep working with the same major version.