Does exist an official place to download "nanorc" files to define "themes" colors?

Hello Friends

About nano, through its home page, is possible arrive to the Screenshots page. To avoid headache due the colors, it about the default “theme”, it seems 2.x era is a good option

About change/define colors and other settings, I did do a research and seems the unique way is through the nanorc file, correct me if I am wrong. Furthermore exists an official dedicated page about NANORC.

I did do a research in this forum and I found this interesting post:

The Micro editor has the option to change its “look” - I am assuming through plugins.

The point, is possible or exists an official place where are shown some screenshots about the “themes” for nano and giving the option to download the theme configured nanorc file?

Note: with official I mean a page of total trust/confidence. Such as Github.

Thanks for your understanding