Nano Editor Guide, but you should look at an alternative instead

I just found the following in my newsletter:

This guide is most useful for people just starting out editing on the command line.

However, I personally recommend a better alternative to nano:

It has more features(split editor, etc.), is way easier to handle (mouse support, with scrolling, etc.) and is overall just better and more modern.

That’s why I would recommend to beginners starting with this software and omitting nano altogether.


Hi Akito.
I’d like to try it but it’s not available for Ubuntu 18.04 by apt.
Did you install by Snap? Did you built it from source?
Thanks in advance.

Forgot to mention, that it is available through Debian’s repositories:

Though, there are also pre-compiled packages directly from the maintainer:

For these, you need to download the respective archive, extract it and move the micro binary to /usr/bin and that’s it.