Downloading Ubuntu 20.04 stable version

Today 23-04-2020 but I am not getting Ubuntu 20.04 stable version someone share the link to download Ubuntu 20.04 iso image. At which time they will release or already released? I am curiously waiting for the stable version

You can download the daily build ISO which is the most recent (updated today itself):

The stable version will be released around 1700 UK time.

Here are some of the new features:

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Just saw that Ubuntu 20.04 is a 2.5 GB file for D/L’ing and Xbuntu 20.04 is only 1.5 GB.
I understood that Ubuntu and Xbuntu were the same except for the DE.
But a whole GB difference? Any thoughts?

Ubuntu’s ISO might be packing more software packages than Xubuntu.

I installed both Ubuntu and Xubuntu onto the same HD in a laptop. The d/l file for Ubuntu was a full GB larger then Xubuntu. Both systems took 6 GB of disk space.
Top for Ubuntu showed 700 MB used and 1195 MB for Buff/cache.
Top for Xubuntu show 385 MB used and 525 MB for Buff/cache.

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