Dropping Google? What are your (and my) options?


Hello, thanks Benny for the prompt to use F-Droid, there’s lots there which I didnt know about. Some of the apps I’ve been using off playstore but so much more to try,


I quite agree with you that Google Chrome/Chromium are not good when it comes to personal security and I think governments should legislate to protect privacy. I still have Chromium but Firefox is my default browser as you can set it to not save web history. I have had no problem with gmail until recently and am now getting a fair amount of spam that I never had before. I also use the email reader supplied by my telco but gmail allows me more band width to send large attachments. I never used Google + and believe it is now defunct anyway.



Remember the last website you registered for with that e-mail address. Most likely this website is sharing your address with third parties on purpose or maybe even without consent.


Do you use or still have a Faecesbook account…? After deleting mine, my spam essentially became zero.

But still have active accounts with eBay and Amazon, so the usual dross, we saw you; peek, it is still on offer.



Glad you liked!
I’ve updated my post with Links and new apps/services, so check it out again! :wink:


Thank you so much for the links! It must have taken you a day to amass such a list.


I normally use Mailinator to sign up and test when I discover a new service. Mailinator is a disposable and ready to use Anti-spam email service. I normally use “BennyNameOfTheSiteImTesting @ mailinator.net” (in case the @ mailinator.com is rejected by the Website where I try to sign up; here are a list of alternate domains that point to Mailinator). A few days later if my Antispam test email account is clean, then I replace the fake email address by real one. Other alternatives are 10MinuteMail, DropMail, GuerrillaMail, MailDrop, Nada, SpamGourmet


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Clean method, indeed. But Protonmail appears like a wonder. Since creating my web service related Protonmail address, in all this time I never really got any real spam mails. The only “spam” I got is from legit sites with legit e-mails, but sending their updates way too often. I don’t know how Protonmail is doing that but they are doing an absolutely fantastic job.


No I do not use any social media as I have never trusted it. I have been using gmail for years without problem and it is only recently that this is happening. Not a problem as I just delete them but it is annoying. I do buy books and CDs on line but have never had any issues there


I have been using Zoho for mail but also for docs, sheets etc.
Works great for me.


Just bump into https://app.graphitedocs.com (from IRL Mozzila podcast), its decentralized encrypted alternative of Google Docs (the autor originally used Google docs too and was searching an alternative).


We live in a very weird and wonderful conundrum, where Google is used world wide. Even to the point they control the engines used to browse, no matter what search engine you’re using, some where inside is Google, possibly at the helm of it all. I no longer use Chrome, or Chromium, cause of the tiresome deleting history at the end of each session, plus why be logged in all the time? They’ll get your info from your IP Address, if you use a VPN they’ll probably find a way, to prove that your using a VPN anyway and trace it back to your original IP Address. I love Firefox cause you can activate Never Remember History and it doesn’t remember a God damn thing.

I still use Google, as does ninety five percent of the world, just that I have nothing to hide, when it comes to privacy, sell my surfing as adverts if you want to, got no qualms about that, what I don’t like is what Google has done to YouTube, after removing Google+ which goes next month 2nd April 2019, YouTube has began to decline, in quality. So you have moved away from Google, I cannot think of anything that is remotely working as a replacement for Google Docs, Gmail, Google Maps, Google Translate. Why exactly do you need replacements? Google Maps, Gmail and now and again Translate, I have never used Docs. Are you fed up with Google altogether?


Google is in bed with governments, so big that it reaches into our personal lives. And they are beginning to side with the government against the people who make Google so big. They are biting the hand that feeds them! For that, they should get bigger? I say break them up!


It is well enough that people of the nation do not understand our banking and monetary system, for if they did, I believe there would be a revolution before tomorrow morning.

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