External Hard drive Issues. My computer does not recognize a new hard drive I purchased

Do I need to buy an external hardrive that is formatted for a Linux based OS? The new one I got is not recognized by Kubuntu. I used it on a Windows OS computer and it worked fine.

Is there a way that I can format it to Kubuntu and Mint and how would I do that?

Details of hardrive: 2.5" HDD for Sata HDD/SSD to USB 3.0


It should work out of the box.

Sometimes an USB3 disk requires more power than an USB2 port can provide.
Be sure to use it in an USB3 port.
If you think your port is USB3, plug the drive into that port, and run
sudo dmesg
Paste here the dmesg output of the last few seconds (we probably don’t need the whole output).
Or alternatively run
sudo tail -f /var/log/syslog
and watch what happens when you plug in your drive.
Press ctrl-c to stop watching.
Paste here the lines that appeared right after you plugged in your drive.

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@clindsay03 Welcome back :slightly_smiling_face:
Do you have a Brand and model number?
I tend to check out hardware before I buy it on h-node org - If it gives a positive result there you should be okay to use on any nonefree distros

Are you really sure, it is not recognized? In Kubuntu’s default file manager “dolphin”, you should have the USB drive under “removable devices”

When you plug it in, it should also appear in the panel:


If not, could you copy and paste the output of lsusb?

I’ve been using external disc drives for years(since I built second computer and didn’t want a RAID set up)
I find they work a lot better with a dedicated external power supply or a powered external USB hub that can supply more amps (or generally more Mw plus not drop voltage)

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You can try to use a live distro non-Ubuntu. Boot your PC with it. And then plug your external HDD and see if it mounted.
Perhaps you can use “disks” App.
Since it’s an HDD it needs more power than SSD, and if you’re plugging it in an USB 2.0 port it may not work.
USB 2.0 only provides 0.5A of current, which means it can power up to 2.5W tops.
Hope this helps.

Can you not “see” the new external drive with GParted?