Gentoo Quest Debian Host

I did one on W11, just could not leave Debian out. No compiling here!!!
Would like to give a big thanks to @kovacslt for the help in getting VirtualBox installed in Debian!!!

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My /etc/portage/make.conf file, just in case someone may be of interest.
For you @nevj

You might explain how important /etc/portage/make.conf is, and in particular how using the default file can lead to difficulties with an install.

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You really think anyone but us two really cares?

It’s not my glory, just noted the “recipe”, and recalled it :wink:
Can’t even tell where I got it from…

Well, later someone trying Gentoo on a VM and facing a problem, and doing a google Duckduck-go search results finding a hint here… :wink:

Nothing about glory, just helping each other, is that not supposed to be the “linux way” thanks

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You are most welcome :smiley:

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I think people would like to know what the overall Gentoo install process is like, including how important /etc/portage/make.conf is.
People are frightened of the unknown. A gentoo install takes longer and is more challenging that most other distros, but it is not beyond the reach of experienced linux users. It helps to have an advuser. Thanks to @4dandl4 I am managing it . I am sure there are others who could do it.