Good Lightweight Linux Distro for Raspberry Pi Model B?

I have a Raspberry Pi model B that I want to install a really light-weight linux distro on. The only thing I expect to run on there is a open source word processor. I have a desktop running Lubuntu, which I considered, but the latest updates seem to be moving away from the direction I’m headed. Any suggestions would be welcome!

It is even way more lightweight than Raspbian Lite.


Not going to recommend this one as puppy can be harder to use from a cosmetic aspect and it’s not everyone’s taste

It’s just another possibility as it’s small fast and has browser and word processor built in

Not tried dietpi but it looks a better user interface

lot depends on what you want for the pi … great learning experience trying different options

@akito we meet again! :slight_smile: just wanna say DietPi looks really interesting, wonder why I haven’t heard of it till now. I experimented with FreedomBox and it worked OK, until it didn’t; I tried another lightweight Debian variant and that would not work either (this a Raspberry Pi 3 B+ with a wired ethernet connection but no keyboard or monitor, so if at installation it doesn’t set up its own ssh for me, it’s as good as over). I have a good feeling about this one.

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DietPi takes care of this. I set up several DietPi systems with auto-connection to Wi-Fi and automatic SSH accessability.

Thanks for the suggestions! Looking forward to trying some new distros for Pi. @Akito I’ll be sure to checkout Diet, sounds perfect for my use.

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Long live DietPi! I haven’t even tried it yet and already I’m a fan! Gonna have to buy me a DietPi T-shirt.

I can already assume why, but it’d be nice if you would still elaborate. :wink: