Google everywhere How to STOP

Hey there

Before when I had no idea what I was getting into,
I signed up with Google mail and now cannot change because too many accounts rely on this service for contact between myself and them.

Noticed in the previous few weeks the most annoying sign-in popup from Google
introduced about October apparently,

So disruptive that I had to search how to rid this popup.

This is not a Google bash they have provided a lot of resources for free and I am grateful for their free services even if they are grating my nerves at times. . .
I use DuckDuckGo now, I appreciate Googles domination of being annoying No No free services

I had to do this for each Google account separately The important thing is this solution does work

So funny that while reading the above article the Google popup appeared :upside_down_face:



Very good and helpful!
I hate google as a company, but I use it for searching, because I have to admit that they are the best (well, for me).
There is a Linux distro forum, don’t remember now which one, when I tried to sign up, they refused to take my Yahoo email address. That’s when I had to create a Gmail account. I think it’s very weird.

Now that is strange maybe the distro is one to avoid,
Not many folks it seems like Google in the Linux forums there are always comments about how bad they are and hated blah blah blah and yet the a lot of distros have Google on the install disk and not the DDG search engine,
This world makes less and less sense, might be evolving but not getting any better as humane beings. yes with an E
Just a herd of donkeys and/or flock of sheep going the way of the dinosaur.


Just to add my experiences to the pool, my internet searching belongs to DuckDuckGo and my important emails go through Protonmail. And I just noticed that Duck has a new, encrypted email service. Cleaning one’s business of Google connections is possible, just a long process. Best of luck.

Maybe. I did but probably for other reasons.
I read a short story once online by a developer or something, he does some Linux things now. He used to work for Yahoo, but his ideas were stolen by them. He had enough so he quit and started his own small business, which was quite successful until Yahoo stepped in and somehow totally destroyed him.
It’s amazing what money and hate can do to people. Of course, we don’t know Yahoo’s side of the story…
Maybe it was the same guy who developed that distro?

Bit like jumping into a tub of molasses or playing with the family on the beach it’s surprising where that sand (google) ends up. :face_with_monocle:

Every year around September it all gets too much for me and I’m near burn’t out from the rubbish, paranoia inducing, fear mongering and peoples hatred spewing into my little grey box and homelife from the TV from the news reports, by September I’ve enough and by end of year I usually go back to crappy old habits of watching TV News HA not this year immersing myself into projects that I never attempted before, thought about ,but never took that big step this time,

“Game on”

we were told Did you know the there is three sides to most stories ,
(in this example discussed at a get together of family & friends)
She was talking about her work concerning sorting out the different versions of disagreement amongst people/clients in general.

Her quote sortof went like this
“There is three sides to every story _Her side of the story then there is His side of the story and then there is the truth about what really happened”

These days it makes me very happy in a sad way that when I get get back home after been away short trips the feeling wraps itself around me when I have to shut the door and leave the rest of the world outside now I feel alive and OK.

When I was younger I saw the world through rose coloured glasses,
life experiences and loses eventually makes not just me, a lot of people as they/we age re-adjust their vision of this sad little blue planet and somehow the rose coloured glasses simply slowly fade away.
The money stays when the body shuts down,
The hatred will stay until some-one breaks that chain,
The lies and back-stabbing that’s human nature at it’s worst
The love and beauty of the heart that’s human nature at its best
and the way we all should really be ( I fail that so damn often)

That thread of light and that will always be here just some-days we just have look a bit harder and longer to find it and see it ,
It is there somewhere
There is always hope even thou she is a bitch !


So very true! When we get old, we see things different ways, probably the right way. Do we get wiser? Who knows…
Some say being old is great, funny, joyful. I say who ever says that should be locked up for life for spreading the biggest lie in the world.
Take care
Sorry for getting off topic…

" A man growing old becomes a child again"

Only those, who poop in their pants.

I lost one of my wisdom teeth a few weeks ago.
I’m now fifty years old, like to think that the mistakes we all make in life, we learn from or they make us stronger??
When it comes to Google I don’t hate them, just hate the monopoly they have over the net.
When you look at Firefox people hate their decisions and how slow Firefox is compared to Chromium or Chrome related browsers. That is only because of the likes of Google, taking over everything.

Firefox is and will always be a safe browser to use, where privacy is concerned. It’s one of the only browsers that you can choose which search engine to use, without it calling back to Google as default.
All the other browsers call home to Google, no matter what.

In Firefox when you delete Google off the list of search engine choices and pick Duck Duck Go, you’re literally using Duck Duck Go and nothing else. The only time Duck Duck Go uses Bing is for Images only.
If of course you click on a Microsoft link, then Microsoft will track you, same goes with a Google link, then they will be able to track you too. The amount of tracking done on the web these days, boils down to these things.
One paranoia of the world since the birth of mankind.
Two Greed goes into number three, but should be number one really.
Three monopoly, power hungry corporations wanting to take over the world.

Could list more, but will end up repeating most of them.
Pinky and the Brain - Try To Take Over The World - YouTube

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I’m not 100% on this thou but DuckDuckGo Privacy Essentials does do or at least try to do some blocking of Silicon Valley harvesters, a few times not many I’ve gotten a popup that DuckDuckGo Privacy Essentials blocked facebook and two others don’t remember what or who they were ( I don’t have any need for facebook )

Is that something that others have experienced ? ( DDG PE blocking )


Amen. OK, 20 char. Amen again.

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I use Brave. If I click on a link, it asks me if I want them to know my location.

Oh boy! You are just a kid…I’m 68 :crying_cat_face:

Well, that’s what I really meant.

I tried Opera, Vivaldi, Brave, they do the same. I liked Vivaldi, all the options to customize, but if you do too much of it, like I did, it slows it down a lot. So I stayed with Brave, and use Google search engine most of the time. I don’t know why, but Firefox reminds me to Windows so I don’t like it. Maybe all those adds?

I guess, they already did :imp:

Monopoly itself is neutral with me.
Its the way a monopoly position is sometimes used that irritates.

Hello shamu
I am not familiar with Windoze.
To help be rid of the adds in Firefox these addons do the job, Ive used these for years,
DDG Privacy Essentials not so much for adds mostly for breadcrumb trackers etc
uBlock origin still one of most used and most efficient
Privacy Badger this one is good at being nastily good again adds and trackers
i never get any adds, I do know these work very well for many years.

and if anyone uses Google Mail in October they seriously got worse than ever before with a popup on nearly everysite visited asking for a sign-in,

Here is a fix that works


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Great point right there! I won’t even ask why. I think I know the answer. Good for you! :blush:
Thanks for the tip, but I will stick with Brave, I like it. Old people also get stubborn…

I do have the Gmail account but I never use it, and they don’t bother me, thank God.

I reacted to this at the beginning of your topic already.
Thanks and take care!

No it’s nothing bad just I made changes to my PC after updates the changes went back to their default, they wanted my computer to work their way, that’s all, thanks but no thanks Windoz.


Isn’t that enough??? Linux would never do that.

Firefox-esr updates keep changing my settings in Debian.
I specifically want the hardware acceleration turned off… it reverts to on every update.

Some Linuxes (eg Clear Linux) want your whole disk like Windows. BSD is notorious for it … beware of all BSD’s if you have anything else on your disk.

But I must say , in general, most Linuxes are well behaved, and most Linux packages preserve your settings when updating.