How to format external Seagate Mobile HDD

I downloaded Kubuntu 18.04 on my mobile Seagate HDD but now it is readable only. HOw do I fix that and format the drive to operate as a OP system?

Do you mean installed?

Where does it say that?

Is it already installed onto the external HDD or is it just downloaded?

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Yes - installed an IOS file and the drive became unreadable.

Does not allow be to add new files or delete the IOS file.

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I see now. What you did was not installing it. You need to burn the ISO file to an empty USB stick or a DVD. Check out this guide.

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Ok I did burn the IOS file to the Seagate. Now I want to delete it and return the Seagate to a writable drive

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If you are using the HDD within Linux, then I would recommend gParted. Exact instructions are found here.

are you going to need to use the seagate on any windows computers?

Yes…I formatted as NTFS (Abhishek’s suggestion) which allows me to use on windows computers.

I used the gParted program but the instructions were not exactly usable but I figured it out and now I have my hard drive back? Yay!

Thank you so much for your assistance I really appreciate it! That is to cordx & Akito

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

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