How to freshen up Ubuntu's staid looks

Ubuntu corporate identity is instantly recognisable to Linux users, as Windows is to their users. In my humble opinion, it looking dated.

It requires some terminal commands to add the necessary tools to load the extensions from the Gnome site, that appeal to you.

Open terminal (Ctrl + Alt + T)

sudo apt install gnome-tweaks

Before you can utilise this tool, you must go to:

To install the Chrome Gnome Shell

sudo apt-get install chrome-gnome-shell

Now go to: and enable the Gnome browser extension, so you can install the extensions you feel will benefit your needs.

In this example I choose User-Themes, Log Out button, Arc-Menu and Dash-to-Dock.

To enhance and maximise these extensions, I installed Numix Icons, Arc Theme and Cantarell Fonts.

sudo apt install numix-icon-theme arc-theme fonts-cantarell

Then cloned the Numix Circle Icon theme from github

sudo apt install git
git clone
cd numix-icon-theme-circle
sudo mv Numix-Circle /usr/share/icons
sudo mv Numix-Circle-Light /usr/share/icons

With these tweaks, it gives Ubuntu an elegant look with improved rendering.



There are a number of alternative shells available. I use Cinnamon which is quite configurable and hardly stead.