I accidently pulled out my removable hardrive and some issues have come up


I accidentally pulled out my removable hardrive from my Lenovo laptop and some issues have come up.

I plugged it back in and the laptop did not recognize it. I rebooted the laptop and nothing. After a bit the notifier popped up indicating I had two actions for the device.

  1. to open up pictures through a picture software and

  2. to open up the files which I did. There it was!

Then a few minutes later the notifier popped up again indicating the same two actions. I disabled the notifier as it kept doing this. (So what is that all about???)

But now when I open up Dolphin File system the hardrive does not show up listed as a device.

Long story short I finally found it under Root - media - clindsay (my name) and there it was.

Now to access the drive I have to follow that path to find it.

How do I get my laptop to recognize it the normal way under Dolphin then devices?

Also I have Kubuntu 18.04