I have problem for installation linux ubunto

hi i have questio my system there is win 10 and i wanna installation ubunto in another drive non drive c but when i delet in computer manage for install ubunto don show me for make partition anybody can help to me
thank you

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I strongly recommend you dump win 10 as it’s days are numbered.
Install Ubuntu and use it instead.
Duel boot systems sharing the same hdd are not for the novice and I have yet to even hear of one that is truly stable.

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It is a little difficult to understand the exact problem. Is it possible to share some screenshots that could help us in understanding the problem?

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It sounds to me coin_cypher deleted one (or more) partition volumes via disk management and did not figure out how to repartition the now unallocated space.

If this is the case @coin_cypher (this is the wrong place for that problem), but you could right-click the unallocated space field at the bottom, go on New Simple Volume, select the size for yout partition, assign letter, format it, and you’re done.

I highly agree with you with sharing the same drive. Always recommend separate hard drive or even better if anyone really needs to use Windows, use a different computer altogether. Windows or any OS will work better in their own hardware space environment entirely on their own. Although I have icy docks with separate hard drives on my PC builds, with Manjaro XFCE as my gaming OS, Linux Mint Ulyssa 20.04.1 as my main daily drive. Because they are separated on two different drives, never run into problems. Windows on the same drive as Linux I’ve done in the past with Windows 7, ended up with Windows taking over my Linux partition, seeing it as free space.

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Hello Coin_Cypher welcome to the forum
We need more information please?
We need to know what computer you’re trying to install on, Laptop, Desktop.
Dual booting Windows on the same drive can be done, but we need to know the specs of your computer, so we can see if it can be done or not.