Important: Unifying It's FOSS assets and changing the login system of Community forum

Hello FOSSome people,

If you follow the FOSS Weekly newsletter, you probably have the idea that I am trying to unify all the It’s FOSS assets… to create an ecosystem… a FOSSverse :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s FOSS has a membership feature.

  • Members receive newsletter
  • Members can log into the website for some members only (primarily non-educational) content (coming soon)
  • Members can easily leave comments when logged in

The next step is to bring the It’s FOSS Community forum into the fold.

Which means the same login that works on It’s FOSS should log you into the forum. It’s called Single Sign On (SSO).

This way, It’s FOSS members don’t need to create a new account and password for the forum.

This sounds good… but it does impact the existing users.

The existing login system won’t work. You won’t be able to access the forum with your usual user account and password.

To get your old account on the forum back, you need to create an account on It’s FOSS with the same email address you used here. This way, your old account remains active and accessible.

The changes have not been made yet but they will be implemented in a week or two (if I don’t encounter technical issues).

I understand that this is a big change.

I am available to answer any questions and any concerns you might have. Please let me know.


Hi @abhishek ,
Is that the ‘Subscribe’ button on the itsFOSS site?

While we are here what is the difference between and


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Hi @nevj

Yes. The subscribe button on It’s FOSS site: It's FOSS is the original website. is an imposter who is cashing in on our name.


I dont like that.
You might put a note on your genuine site telling users which is original


I don’t think that imposter is worth that much attention :slight_smile:


Hi @abhishek,
I added an email so now two two match, but I don’t seem to be able to delete my old email.
I now have two emails to this account.


Hello Howard,

I see that you used gmail id for It’s FOSS account. I have set gmail as your primary email here. It should be okay for you.

The .net site has not been updated this year. Shame they are using a similar name but not much can be done to stop that except buy every variation… Expensive

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I like the idea of SSO (Single Sign On) - fewer login credentials to manage - not to mention how cool FOSSverse sounds. Perhaps, when you get that far, you could create a landing page on that URL with links to everything FOSS (or change the URL to FOSSverse for everything FOSS) - just thinking off the top of my head - could be more bother/expense than it’s worth.



The landing page idea is very good. Thanks for that, @ernie

@abhishek :

Hi Abhishek, :wave:

I have created an account on It´s FOSS and it went well.
Still I have two questions reagrding its use:

  • I can log in by clicking on the “Membership” button but I need to consult my e-mail account for the “secure login link” I got. That I understand so far.
    But after logging out and trying to log in again after a few hours I needed a new link, which I also got.

  • Yet in the e-mail it says: “For your security, the link will expire in 24 hours time”. So I thought I could use the old link again but each link seems to be valid for one login only.
    Is that correct :question:

  • After logging in to It´s Foss I clicked on the community button but wasn´t logged in to the forum.
    You said: “The changes have not been made yet”. Once the new login system is implemented, would the way I tried to do it be the correct one :question:

Thanks for your help in advance.

Many greetings from Rosika :slightly_smiling_face:

Hello @Rosika

You have got the points right.

The membership accounts on It’s FOSS don’t have a password system. You log in via the link sent in the mail.

If you log out you need a new login link. If you try to log in on another browser or device while still being logged in on other, you’ll need a new login link.

Each link is valid for a single login within 24 hours.

Once the new system is implemented, you’ll still have to click on the login button in the community forum. If you are already logged into IF account at the time, you are immediately logged in to the forum as well. Otherwise, you’ll be taken to the login option/landing page on It’s FOSS website, you login there and come back to forum to be logged in.

All this will be more clear when the new system is in place this Saturday.

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Hi Abhishek, :wave:

thank you so much for clearing things up. :heart:

I understand it now.
One thing though, if I may ask.
You said:

In this case:
If I want to log out: Do I have to log out of the forum and of the IF account, or will logging out of one of them be enough?
And if so: which one?

Sorry if I seem to be a bit slow in catching up. :neutral_face:

Thanks and many greetings
Rosika :slightly_smiling_face:

That’s a genuine question. I think it will log you out from both. That’s just my guess because I haven’t tried it myself :slight_smile:

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Thanks, Abhishek, for the feedback.

O.K. As soon as the new technique is implemented, I´ll try it out. :wink:

Have nice weekend and thanks again.
Many greetings from Rosika :slightly_smiling_face:

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Just to update you folks on the situation.

I just did all the technical stuff to implement the Ghost SSO on Discourse. I found that it works fine.

I have not enabled it for everyone yet because I want to create a separate landing page that explains things (on how to sign in). This will help avoid the confusion a great deal.

Stay tuned :slight_smile:


The new login system is live now.

Here is the new login page.

Please provide your feedback (if any) to improve the page.

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It worked for me, but when I clicked on “Sign in to itsFOSS” in my email it started waterfox instead of firefox. Waterfox is my default browser… so OK
If I copy and past the URL into firefox, I obviously get firefox.