Installing Open office along with Libreoffice

Am trying to get both Open OfficeO and LibreOffice on my Linux Mint 20 Cinnamon system. I Have LO installed and running but not able to get OO installation get pass the desktop integration.

And also not getting the command to run OO from terminal as the command invokes libreoffice instead (soffice -calc).
Any advise?

For those who need to know why I need both, I am having an issue with Libreoffice opening files on rclone mounts and hence need to have OO (for time being) to open files but I do not wish to remove LO. I have posted this issue as another topic so please do not provide the solution here.
Libreoffice having trouble opening files and saving files to rclone mounts

I will post the answer on both your questions

It appears at first to be an issue with symlinks as it’s a shared resource and the second install will not overwrite the first entry for them to co exist

This item gives more details

But having read your other question … think there are other issues in play which need addressing

Thanks for responding, I will try the command suggested in the link you provided.

UPDATE: I removed LO and fresh installed OO but the error remained and hence I no long need to install both (since both have same error). This is also the reason that I could not test your solution.

This topic is closed from my side and if someone lands here and find the solution as stated by then kindly mark it as solution to the topic.

Also, Please do not post same answer to both questions as they are not related.

Installing both OpenOffice and LibreOffice is not possible, due to some conflicts between these programs.