Is it possible to delete a previously posted topic?

Dear @Abhishek,

I found the answer to my earlier question.

How do I delete this actual topic ?


I just edited the topic’s subject and added the word “Solved” and provided a post with the solution.

I am sorry @TrekJunky
but I do not see the SOLVED post.
I cannot edit my post :

I have a HP p6506f with a Ralink RT3090 Wireless chipset

Also, I still ignore how to delete a previous post.

Please tell me more.

Dear @R_G, if you happen to post complete bullshit or otherwise inappropriate content, moderators will be more than willing to delete the topic in question. Otherwise, deleting a topic doesn’t make any sense: Every discussion is valuable reference for people with similar questions or interests.

Dear @Mina

My wish to delete a topic was inspired by a previous question I had posted about the way the forum worked. Since I was not able to delete this earlier post ; I turned it into this new topic. Now I know that once someone replied to a first post, it is impossible to delete it.

Excuse my bad English.