Is it the time to think?

Now it’s time to think.
A lot of free time appeared suddenly for billions of people sponsored by facebook.
It would be a good time to think.
Or just open tiktok instead?

Those people prefer to rip their eyes out rather than spending a second with deep thought. At least that’s my experience with 9 out of 10 of such people.

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I do use FBL, but I have never used tiktok or twitter, and probably never will!!!

Seems, the free time is over, FB came back to life…
Still number one the news, what happened to facebook yesterday?
As I see, people depend on it very much, and it’s somehow scary.
School mates could not reach each other after school time, as they completely rely on FB.
If someone pulls the plug on FB -may be for forever-, do the life stop?
What I saw yesterday made me remember Moss composing his e-mail



You are not that stupid :wink:

So far this year, I think I’ve been Zucker’d (facebook jail sentence) maybe 6 times…

First one was 24 hours, then followed by another 24 hours…

Then 3 consecutive 3 days bans…

Then the last one was 7 days - just got off it Friday last week… I tried to use twitter and mastodon (new album out EOM October!) and others… but I just don’t get twitter…

I get most of my news off FB, and that’s where I follow various bands, and common interest groups (like Stoner / Sludge / Doom metal - my lifeblood!)…

So getting Zucker’d doesn’t mean you can’t still get / read shit, and they still take their pound of flesh via advertising, I just can’t comment, react or post…

I ended up creating a “backup account”… and friended a few close contacts, and joined the most important groups (aforesaid Doom / Stoner metal etc - there are several groups, including one about the scene in my town)…

Note: two of those times I got Zuck’d this year, I was just quoting lyrics from musicians I follow! Seriously, the Intelligence part of their AI algorithms is an oxy-MORON…

I have one friend who has 4 or 5 backup accounts, and regularly cops 30 day sentences… he does push the boundaries of good taste at times, but I’ve never been offended… some people are so pissweak they get offended at anything…

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Yep a friend of my wife to bees and I’s, she’s in her thirties now, sent a message off to FB whilst we were talking to her face to face, rather than a phone screen. She literally started sweating and shaking, all because she had not received a reply after twenty seconds of sending her message. FB is good to advertise business like gigs and such, but you’re still spied on and pestered from people who you ain’t got a Danny La Rue (Clue) about, all because someone who you’re friends with is their friend, FB thinks you must know them too. I only go to work, do not go out anywhere else. So how in all things as holy as my jumper, would I know this other person? Unless I’ve worked with them before, as all my FB friends are people I’ve worked with over the many years.

To me, the scariest thing is when people get addicted to one single provider/brand/company/service/whatever.

When you are, for example, forced to use WhatsApp at work, just because “everyone already uses it”.
Or, for the same reason use a Gaming Chat application gone general purpose, that is so hyped and beloved all over the place, when it’s just as privacy infringing as Skype after Microsoft took it over.

Or, when people use Google services all over the internet, not getting what this makes of the market and how this monopolises these huge giants more and more, giving the consumer less and less freedom.

Or, when there are even people supporting brands like Apple, whose purpose is to shackle their consumers into their own ecosystem, just to suck out their money and soul the most efficient way possible.

People should re-learn to be open to what product/service/whatever is best and not always stay with one brand, particularly when we are talking about the biggest and most harmful companies behind it.


Seems like we both replied to the same statement, at the same time…

Did Google MK Ultra us into this? :wink:


I’m addicted to this site. :grinning:

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Well, this site has little to nothing to offer in terms of pulling you into a loophole of affirmation by the public and trying to be the best in the public, like, for example, on Facebook.

This website is very free when talking about not having your soul stolen. Else, I wouldn’t be here, in the first place.


Scary we could be psychic, stranger things have happened. :grin:

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That’s what I love about it, plus the warm feeling when someone thanks you for helping them out with a query, you don’t get that on FB.


Never been on there and what I’ve seen of Tick-Tock on YouTube is either ghosts while people are dancing, or that weird mobile app Randonautica that sends people to weird places, that spooks a lot of people out.

Also - in Western Australia, I didn’t even notice any FB outage… don’t use instagram or whatsapp…

Also - I don’t use FB on my phone, I don’t do messenger… I only ever access it in a browser on a PC

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I only noticed anything, because of this thread. Without this thread, I wouldn’t have heard a single thing about this.


I divorced FB two years ago. Life has been lovely ever since, although I do find myself checking every day.


If FB keeps throwing me into FB jail, I may also tell them to stick
FB up their axxxxs.

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I now have a backup account which I used during my most recent 7 day FB jail…

During the previous FB jail, which was 3 days, I signed up / renewed / refreshed :

Signed up

  • ello
  • reddit (used it previously without a login)

Renewed / refreshed

  • mastodon
  • minds
  • twitter

I just can’t get my head around twitter… and when I search for people I might know, I can’t find them, 'cause they’re not on any of those platforms… and not crazy about reddit either (even though I often land there from searches).

I’ve had my twitter account for over 10 years, but hardly EVER tweeted anything… I followed / am followed, by a few people I know IRL, but doesn’t seem conducive to person to person contact… Also - that total character limit per tweet really flummoxes me, as I’m more a TL;DR guy, than a 100 char (is that limit?) tweeter…

Wait, is this choice of words just a joke initiated by @daniel.m.tripp or does Facebook really use these terms when they ban someone? If they really use those terms, I would find it even more ridiculous and facepalm-worthy…

Oh, do not get me started on this!

The most ridiculous display of human facepalmness is when humans meet on a micro-blogging platform – which is specifically designed to put short messages about relatively benign topics – to post messages about the most complicated and harshest topics possible, just to get attention and anger anyone who reads it.

The top of the mountain ridiculousness of Twitter is literally this:

My message is so long and complicated I go to Twitter, a micro-blogging service, to talk about it. (1/24)
So, I am here on Twitter and talk about something that shouldn’t be talked about on a platform (2/24)
like Twitter, but rather in real life, where people meet face to face. Yet, what makes this even (3/24)
more ridiculous is, that I am not really interested in an honest discussion about this topic I am (4/24)
tweeting about, but I am just to vent and get the most likes out of my brainless comments on (5/24)
this topic. I rather just post this shit on Twitter and fish for likes and cheers, rather than altercating (6/24)
this issue.

So, I finially finished tweeting about this topic I have zero to none knowledge about. (23/24)
Now, followers and newcomers, GIVE ME LIKES, MOTHERFUCKERS!!! (24/24)

3 and a half minutes later
OH MY GOD, YES! So many likes!!!

7 and a half minutes later
YES, MORE LIKES! HAHHHHAHASHHASHAHDSAHdahkfjhsdkljhaksdfhkalshflkajsfdlhjakfs

25 and a half minutes later
Twitter: Your account is permanently suspended. If you want to find out the reason for the suspension, please consult our Terms of Use and Terms of Service. You are now being logged out.

This is the utter top of the mountain ridiculousness of human behaviour. And that’s not even the worst thing:
The worst fact about this is, that people do not even notice that. They do not even know.
They are strictly ignorant toward its ridiculousness.
They actually think, this is “normal”.

Cui bono?

The more you stay on their platform, the more advertisement you see.
The more advertisement you see, the more money they generate.
It’s really that simple.

Every millisecond you stay on Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, Twitter, or any proprietary alternative, is literally you working as a slave for the giant corporations behind those services.
I know, most of the users would deny or relativise it. It’s a defence mechanism created by the human mind.
The truth still will remain, though:
All these people on those platforms are but a slave to the people swimming in your life time in the form of money.