Issue with linux

Hello everyone ,
I have Acer Aspire 3 Ryzen 5 3500U A315-23 Model number laptop with me it has 8 gb ram and 512 gb ssd it comes with windows 10 pre installed and then i updated it to 11 everything works super fine but 2 days ago i installed linux in this laptop but linux(manjaro) is not working fine it starts crashing again and again then i think manjaro is the issue then i installed ubuntu in it same issue and then pop os same issue i traied 3 different distros in laptop but all have crashing problem so i have to switch back to windows 11 the same issue is with my brother pc which has ryzen 5 apu do anyone knows how to fix this issue that windows works flawless but linux started crashing.

On my ASUS Ryzen 5 Laptop with Ryzen 5 3550H mobile chip. Linux Mint 20.01 XFCE Edition, running flawlessly. I know that doesn’t help, but try a lighter OS. Plus Linux Mint does cater for Ryzen Laptop chips. Go into Bios and turn off all the recommended crap for Windows 11 too.

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can you please elaborate windows 11 bios settings ?

Secure Boot switch it off, TPM (Trusted Platform Module) switch that off, Fast Boot switch that off.


This issue could be any number of things, more info is needed. I just installed Mageia on a
laptop Dell Laptop Running Mageia8 64bit
take a look at the gparted screenshot and compare it with your drive. Whether MBR or GPT
certain partitions are needed, and the bios of the pc will more than likely have to be edited.

You know W11 will more than likely not boot if all that is switched off? Maybe
try one at a time, like fast boot and see what happens.

ok thank you i will try

sure i will try this

It’s the only thing I could think of, as to why Linux wasn’t playing ball. All the unneeded stuff that are in BIOS anyway, the majority of it a Linux User doesn’t need, as it’s meant for Proprietary systems.

My ? for @CyberBoyAyush is why update to W11 if one is wanting to run Linux.
Better to run Linux in a VM with W11 rather than try a dual boot.
W11 has certain system requirements and TPM, Secure Boot and GPT are just
three. Their are work-arounds but that is beyond this reply.
Now more than likely what you have proposed, would have worked fine under W10.
I believe the day is coming where users will have to install either Windows or Linux.

Yeah I think you’re right and they’ll release computers with a mish mash of a 64GB CPU with only 1.5GB of Ram, running a 32bit UEFI. I have Windows eight on one of these machines and cannot install Linux as this computer is for Windows only. Must admit there is usually just one piece of software that Windows users use. I only use Windows for my GOXLR to run the software that has my mic settings on, then turn off Windows altogether, then back recording in Linux. I just don’t trust Microsoft never have, even though they no longer see Linux as a cancer, it still leaves a nasty taste in the mouth. Christ we used to moan even back in Ubuntu 10.04 days about Microsoft, who’d of thought that Linux would be as good as it is now? The problem is, is that when people install Linux they think it’s Windows and expect everything to work out of the bag, including their Windows software.


Exactly as it is not finished yet. Microsoft releasing it, with nothing hardly working from W10. On my W10 build I have the Mahjong and solitaire games from Windows Vista, like playing them from time to time when waiting hours for cumulative updates to install. I bet it won’t work on W11? Still have three years to go before W10 is end of life. Why is it that people think upgrading to something new, will solve their problems? I hope to say goodbye to Windows in 2025 for good, as hopefully Linux will have better compatibility with hardware and the software like my GOXLR needs.

I’ve seen some computers run Windows 11 without the TPM.

That depends on how W11 is installed on the PC. I had W11 installed on my main PC, all the MS games worked, but had so many other issues, that I rolled back to W10, and everything worked.

So have I, I still have two machines running W11, on unsupported hardware. The ? is, for how long will
MS allow this hack.
Who knows what will happen by 2025, the way the World is headed, the issue between Linux and Windows, may be the least of our worries.

And all the Linux Distros that claim to be “just-like-windows” is a bunch of garbage, and users install Linux and have no idea on how or what it takes to run Linux.

We are all meant to have time machines by 2028 apparently, the governments are giving them away for free in 2028, 2029 meant to have the truth told to us all about Marilyn Monroe’s and JFK’s death. This year Governments are meant to come clean about aliens living amongst us.

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Yes I would :laughing:

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I also encountered this problem. The problem is secure boot and TPM 2.0 does not work Linux. Only I came up with this solution. Whether you will have Windows 11 or Linux you will have to decide for yourself. Because both will not work on disk.