It is spreading

Another evidence that this horrible disease has spread even into our area:

Update 2020/07/17

Banning the terms “blacklist” and “slave”.


I had to look up what the offence could be. Some people need to get a life, this is stupid, are we going have to stop calling Mint, Mint or Ubuntu, Ubuntu because some one gets offended. Some one will find a reason why we should. Poor babies need to grow up and get a life


I honestly did not know what “GIMP” could be used for in a negative way. Just because of this project, I know now. This way they made the situation worse. Secondly, you can turn any word into a bad one. As long as there are people with the first name “Dick” in America, while nobody is dying because of these men, I don’t see a problem with some ambiguous words. It just does not make sense.


This crap is just getting stupid. Someone is going to dislike the “new” name because it means something in yet another unknown language and… there goes another forking!! Crap is STUPID!


In the UK there is a desert call ‘Spotted Dick’. LOL.


I think that if someone(s) wants to step out and do something different or do something own their own, this is great. to use something so ridiculous to justify their actions is offensive. However, I won’t be the one to change their minds. Like my Grandmother liked to say " never try to teach a pig how to sing, it wastes your time and annoys the pig"


I personally have no problem with these word persecutions. The ones that are ridiculous fade over time. The ones that are not wind up opening a lot of eyes. I am sure we all know epithets we used to use without thinking, and are now a bit ashamed that it hadn’t bothered us before. And sometimes, disgraced expressions return without incident.
Every culture and every language has behaved in analogous ways at one time or another.
Calm down, this too shall pass.

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And it is very nice too, with custard - we often have it during the winter = it’s a real rib sticking pudding- We also have black pudding which isn’t a pudding but is and you have that with fried eggs and bacon and sausage for breakfast

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Yes, I seen black pudding many times on the breakfast table, but have not try it b/c of it’s looks and what it is made from. Another pudding, that’s not really a pudding is Yorkshire pudding. My wife loves it!

How many years has it been GIMP? Since the year 1996 created by and It never got fully released till 5/6/1998, then 25/12/2000 it had some bug fixes in version 1.2. Skip ahead nineteen years, where the world has suddenly gone completely bananas and people are finding the name insulting. So the makers of Gimp bracelets had better change their name to something else too. There is also if I remember rightly a part for drills called a gimp, I might be wrong though so don’t quote me on that.


Hi Akito, another spanner in the works - the American and English name ‘Dick’ is just a nickname for Richard. Hope they don’t plan on calling GIMP - RICHARD - hahaha


I’m “Apt” to go crazy as a “Grub” if all "usr"s are expected to “bash” the use of words which may (theoretically) offend some(theoretical)one. :wink:

Linux has a rich history of creating silly anagrams. Words like “goofy” spring to mind. Words like “ominous” do not.

I often think the world would be a much kinder place if we tried to curtailed one common behavior; treating claims that one is offended on behalf of others as meaningful statements. If no one complains it is entirely possible that no one is offended.

Further, if mere words could cause such irreparable harm to people in the first place, wouldn’t the same people flat out die if, for example, they caught a cold or sprained an ankle?

I agree with Cliff that civilized people are obliged to help others in distress whenever it’s possible. But I add the proviso that our obligations must apply to actual rather than possible people. There are enough real problems in the world without panicking about hypothetical ones.


Key phrase is “on behalf of.” I absolutely agree, and cite the rehabilitation of the terms “geek” and “nerd” as examples. Once these were accusations, then they were suppressed “on behalf of” geeks and nerds, then the geeks and nerds claimed them in acts of defiance.
Does my recounting here ring true?

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Also the reverse can happen. I remember when the evolving term for “low intelligence” was changed to “special”. At which point most children (school kids really are the most cruel entities ever tread this planet) began using it is an insult.

Policing language never works. Fortunately we can do the next best thing and police bad behavior.

Absent from all this, I notice, are hard numbers on how many potential graphics whizz’s turned to a life of crime by this ill-considered acronym. How many recovering alcoholics have lapsed while trying to make a Windows app run by using “wine”?

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How dare you! I had a spotted dick once! It hurt like hell! :crazy_face:

Now where’s my petting dog?


Here in the Washington, DC area the fight has gone on for many years off and on about our local football team’s name. The Washington Redskins.


One of the guys I played hockey with while growing up was a Mohawk. I once asked him if about whether that stuff bugged him. He smiled, rummaged through a side pocket of his hockey bag and pulled out a hat. It was a very old, discoloured and fraying Cleveland Indians cap.

“It’s my uncles”, he explained, “He played a couple of games for the Cleveland Indians back in the forties. It was too old to wear when he gave it to me, but he wanted me to keep it. For good luck.”

“Wow”, I said in genuine admiration. “Weird that he may be the only actual Indian to ever play with the Indians. Hmm. But Braves, Blackhawks doesn’t it bug you?”

“The way I see it people name their teams after things they admire”, he said. “Things that are a little bit scary too; so eagles and lions too.” Then he laughed his laugh: a single loud staccato “HA!”, then: “Who’d name their team after skinny white guys who can never hit the net?”

If the vast majority of First Nations people are sick of being caricatured then we probably should find better names. But my suspicion is that many First Nations folks see it as a compliment.


But one point is, they were never asked first.


Cliff, I get the feeling that we are very slightly on opposite sides of todays’ great political divide. You are clearly intelligent and articulate. In short, exactly the sort of person I would enjoy delving into modern controversies with.

In fact, if you’d like to swap email addresses I would enjoy a long, polite, leisurely but private discussion I think we could teach one another a great deal.

But I do not believe this is the proper platform for such a discussion. Furthermore I’m slightly on the side which currently–and by a wide margin–has the most to lose. And it’s not because I distrust you, but because I distrust the mob.

Abhishek has done a wonderful job creating a great website and of a great community forum. I will not risk losing my access to either.



i was glad to hear of the possibility of a name update/change. i’ll be keeping an eye out for the new release and give it a go.