Kali linux stop working after login

Kali linux stop working after login my mouse and keyboard stop working. how?? to reslove this problem. i have installed it first time on my laptop.

I’ve installed kali linux 2020.1b. I’m, dual booting it with windows.
My laptop configuration: i7 9th gen,16gb ram, nvidia rtx 2060 6gb graphics,

Could you please fill out the template?

i think this procedure can help.(not sure).
1.after botting kali.press ctrl+alt+f3.
2.then you see terminal.press your user and password.
after you have to check your repository by nano.(you can find it google search kali repository).
then update and upgrade your kali machine,type reboot,then it automatically restart.
i think it will help you to solve this problem.

if you can open terminal after log in you can skip 1.continue from 2.

if it works then configure your graphics card.