Kubuntu adding phone as modem isn't working

Does anybody know how to connect a mobile modem (Nokia C7 phone) to use the internet on it to connect the PC to the internet? Have tried multiple times with multiple settings & it hadn’t worked.I know it’s possible as I have Kubuntu on my old laptop before it broke & was able to connect my phone & use the exact same phone as a modem,my friend hooked it up but I don’t remember how.

I couldn’t install any apps on the phone/use any apps,so extremely slow ,couldn’t log in to Spotify/other apps,browser worked though so I was using a regular old USB cable to connect the phone to the laptop on my old laptop.I could try a tethering app again,which would be safe to install? All the apps are on the Nokia app store though.

Network>Configure Network Settings>Filled in al the details in the tabs.Tried to get help with it from 1 of the board members at my local Linux convention & he checked via the terminal that the phone was connected & it was but couldn’t for some reason get it to work unfortunately.

Any ideas?

is this your phone (trying to get an idea of what you are working with)?: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nokia_C7-00

@01101111 Yes that’s it!

this one seems like it might be a bit different than what i have seen since your phone runs either symbian or belle for an os instead of the android phones i am familiar with. can you share screenshots of some of your settings or menus? i’ll attach one of mine to show what it looks like in android in case you see something similar.

never taken a screenshot with it,searched in the user guide if it was possible & no results.Tried pressing menu button & on/off button but that only shut the phone off

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@01101111 Symbian I think it is

a quick web search would seem to suggest that the c7 doesn’t have the ability to screenshot without an app. a similar search has said about the same in regards to using it as a wifi hotspot.

the wifi hotspot app i found mentioned a few times is one called JoikuSpot. there is a review here: http://www.allaboutsymbian.com/reviews/item/13277_JoikuSpot_Premium.php, a forum discussion here: https://www.howardforums.com/showthread.php/1731465-Wifi-Hotspot-(tethering) and a youtube video about it here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dfSy3VNgoH4.

please understand that i know nothing about the app. it’s just the only one mentioned in a search for your phone and wifi hotspot. there is a bit of a warning in the forum discussion that it uses a very insecure encryption protocol (wep) so if you decide to use it, i think it is a good idea to be aware of that particular limitation :slight_smile:

the forum mentions a free version of the app, but the review and video mention a cost of $9.99. all of them are many years old so i hope some of the info might still be of use to you.

ok,thanks,but shouldn’t it be possible to use it as a modem somehow like I was able with a simple USB in Kubuntu? Or should I just make a Ubuntu bootable USB and then use that instead when I don’t have any wifi? I’m not so keen on an unsecured outdated app,but appreciate the research/someone may be more interested in this than me reading at a later time…

if you did it before, then it sounds like it was possible and may still be possible, but that is all the info i could find. from our messages i thought you were trying to create a wifi hotspot because the usb was too slow.

i’m not sure how the ubuntu usb would be better than your kubuntu installation without wifi.

I think the Ubuntu USB would be better because maybe when I connect the phone as a modem it will actually connect to the internet when in Kubuntu it does nothing (no internet)

If that would happen, that measn that some DE-specific application is handling the connection. Which in turn means that you can install that application on Kubuntu, as well.
If the connection is handled under the hood, then there is no difference between Kubuntu and Ubuntu, anyway.

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Oh ok,I haven’t tried on this computer but will make a Ubuntu USB and test it out as I need to have internet away from home this weekend.

As @01101111 has suggested, try things over Live USB, first.

can I type something in the terminal to see if it’s there? (if that exists…?)

If what exists?

a command to check if I have some DE-specific application for handling the connection.

Ideally you would connect the device to e.g. Ubuntu and if it works you have to find out what handles the connection. If you set up the connection, you have to use the app anyway, so you will definitely know what app establishes this connection.

Can I have access to my documents & photos when booting using Ubuntu USB? I need both internet & access to those.Is it possible to have both on the USB at the same time or do I need a 2nd USB? Thanks for helping me out with this,really appreciate it! :smiley:

Got Ubuntu Bionic Beaver on USB connected to wifi followed instructions on Ubuntu website but modem wasn’t there,just select wifi network,went to app store & tried Ofono & Modem manager.Finally connect via modem option came up in settings,entered all the details needed multiple times (so I tried all possible options included teh AP something listed on my mobile provider’s website). When I clicked connect it just brought me back to set up a mobile broadband connection (the settings menu). I had Ubuntu before switching to Kubuntu & it worked on my old laptop from what I can remember,because it seemed very familiar to me… Don’t see why it’s not working here on this laptop :confused:

Edit: Installed Modem Manager GUI from the Kubuntu App store & then it works now :smiley:

Was quite a journey to ultimately arrive to such a trivial solution. I think you should express yourself more clearly in future.