Language control

Can we have a rule about language used on this forum ?
Some members appear to like to use words which could cause offence to others.
Yes we all use swear words in context but think on a forum which can be found easy others including myself find such use not needed.
Hard to control but as adults … trying to create a professional, helpful area where others wish to come, use and contribute.

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What the bloody heck are you talking about? I ain’t seeing fuck all swearing on this forum.
It’s tough as fuck to not say shit, as we want to speak lit, as we see fit.

It’s a cack nightmare to see “adults” childishly complain in a berkish way about bollocks someone else is saying. It’s time to bugger off!

Some twats just need to get used to the real wanker talk, y’know.
It’s just, people like me, can’t be arsed to watch their language, extremely limiting their freedom of self expression, just because there is a minority of people who might get offended by simple and clear words.

Such dipshits also do not need to play the demented circus monkeys, when they can instead just block anyone, whose way of speaking they don’t like!

To all fuckwits: sod it!


Just taking a piss, Mick and Michael at this topic, in case you did not notice. :wink:


I think, we already have rules.

As far as I am concerned, I only use and accept foul language if appropriate in the context in question.

So far, this has been almost ever the case (speaking of others - as far as I am concerned, I totally lack objectivity).

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Thanks mina for sharing that link.

Well said mate @Akito

Thing is - I do it all the time - I replace vowels in a cuss word, so it’s kinda not writing the cuss word, BUT EVERYBODY knows its the cuss word! Kinda like on TV when someone mouths the word “fuck”, but they bleep them, but everyone knows EXACTLY what they said! I’ve seen extremes where they bleep the word - AND - put a black box over the speaker’s mouth! So basically I should just write the expletive out in all its glory.

Or a grawlix, it’s basically, if you’re a bit of a prude replace #%#$ with something like “pooh”, or “drat”… or even more scatalogical, "I sat on the bowl and dropped a huge brown #%@$… some might replace that grawlix with pooh, poop, or even plop, others will just go for simple “shit”…

And I ESPECIALLY do it on Social Media now, i.e. write c__t or f__k - because I’m just about to come off a 7 day jail sentence on Facebook where it termed my language out of context as “violent threat” maybe 'cause of the vehemence of my written swear words - Zuckerberg’s AI “bot army” might be artificial, but they’re ANYTHING but intelligent…

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That TV example is what I always found ridiculous in American TV. It’s like an alcohol addict trying to deny their addiction by telling everyone to stop drinking alcohol. Same thing with Americans. They swear 24/7 and are way less kind, for example, in a service situation, when they are the customer. They try to compensate that with constantly reminding people not to do what everyone is doing extremely extensively, anyway.

That’d be a good language filter for whoever gets “offended” by words. If someone does not accept those words, a script could auto-change it to those symbols. Problem solved.

You, Sir, are a man of honour. People never getting a timeout or chat ban anywhere are simply way too pretentious!! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Seriously though, if you are not talking about cute cats, dogs or make-up you are always at risk for getting “under arrest” for saying something not nice.

One of the proverbs I hate (and I hate a lot):

If you have nothing nice to say, you shouldn’t say anything at all.


My version of that would be:

If you have only nice things to say, you have probably nothing interesting, important or otherwise life-advancing to say.


I have to be really careful sometimes - I tend to go a bit overboard with the swearing (EXTREMELY “colourful”) when I write shell scripts… Especially variable names… like nearly integer counter that gets incremented or decremented gets a name like CNT, which looks like another word, and I sometimes (often) insert a “U” between the C and the N… And grawlix’s make REALLY SHIT variables, they’re nearly impossible to use, because anything would be so chock full of escapes as to be unreadable - and trying to use that $VAR would be so unwieldy, its easier to replace with another string that’s not sweary…

So - sometimes - I’ll have script I use all the time and I find I could use it at Customer X, so I then spend the next 1 hour redacting ALL the cuss words, or peurile juvenile naming conventions (and lotsa LOTSA sweary comments)… Who cares? It’s all billable to the customer anyway…

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My skin is a bit thicker than to allow some nitwits comments bother me in the slightest. As a good friend of mine said eons ago, “options are like assholes, everybody’s got one.”

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And they usually stink …

How can you NOT SWEAR in situations like this :

that’s the main question?


People literally pay a hundred bucks a year for software like IntelliJ Ultimate, to avoid exactly this type of problem. :laughing:

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I’ve just been SWEARING and cussing, both verbally aloud, and under my breath for the last TWO HOURS!

Today (it’s now Thursday here approaching 1 am) and yesterday has been chock full of Murphy …

Just been trying to fire up the Segway app on my android phone (I bought a Segway Max Ninebot kick scooter a few months back) and it forgot my password (which is a REALLY SHIT SYSTEM) and I couldn’t remember it - so I asked it to send me a code so I can reset my forgotten password - that was TWO F–KING HOURS AGO!

I get the 6 digit code in my mailbox, so I punch that in and the SHITTY app prompts me to enter a new password, and I do, and it thinks about, and sometimes it stops thinking about it, sometimes it says some bullshit about “weak signal please try again later” - that’s GARBAGE, I’m on 5 Ghz wifi and 50/25 mbit VDSL … other times - it tells me the verification code as expired and I should get a new one… so I do that and the F–KING THING SENDS ME THE SAME F–KING CODE AGAIN!!! So I try it and it says it’s expired!

And I have a F–KKING job interview at 8:30 am - thanks Segway… They NEED to fire the head of app development, someone’s head needs to roll…

The reviews for the app on Google Play are page after page after page of 1 star reviews complaining about what a TRULY SHIT product it is… Any “head developer” with so many SHIT reviews should NEVER work EVER again! Seriously it feels like an early beta of some app some first year Uni students half arsed put together!

If this had happened when I first got the f–king scooter, I’d have taken the f–king scooter back for a refund!

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I for one feel much more comfortable where people are using foul language copiously and gratuitously. And conversely, when people’s language is clean and pristine, I feel kind of threatened, because if I should happen to slip, I might be made to feel Other, hence unwelcome. So I feel like I need a safe space where I can safely allow my foulness, which is part of my identity, to express itself freely. That’s one thing.

The other thing is censorship – I find it hostile, threatening, offensive, and it makes me feel uncomfortable. So when for example I hear a radio broadcast on National Public Radio (USA) and they bleep out words like fuck and shit, I feel personally offended.

Now, my personal style and sense of humor may unfamiliar and not well understood by you, dear reader, so I suppose I should add some appropriate emojis and/or just explain that the above is intended to be humorous, i.e., a joke. Not without a serious underlying message, but a joke nevertheless.


True story. When I decided to publish a project on github and encourage people to look at it, I decided I better fake like I was a professional, recursively grep my code for the word fuck and take it out if it wasn’t really necessary. If memory serves I only deemed it really necessary in one or two cases. But my commit message said: “removed gratuitous uses of ‘fuck’” or something like that, and you know how github prominently displays your last commit message. Hey, what can I say, it was a commit message.

btw please raise your hand if you’ve never named a variable shit.

Yeah, just as I thought.


Guess I am out of step with others on this site.
I raised the comment thinking of a professional image and encouraging others to join … you would just not accept some words expressed on a site by a fortune 500 company.
And it would be very much against the accepted normal in education
Exception clients and students.
To agree with another contribution if you cannot say anything nice, and add to that what I was told many years ago, you use bad language when you don’t have the education to use the correct words or grammar…
Bet that comment cause a string of words found in most toilets

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Actually, dear, I dare to say that il capo de tutti capi, @abhishek, is probably very much more on your side on this issue than on the one of us foul-mouthed thugs.

Still, should, by any chance, you be able to understand Spanish, I can only highly recommend this brilliant monologue on the subject by the fantastic Enrique Pinti:

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I often swear in Italian… beautiful language for swearing!

A favourite is “pezzo di merda”, so much more emphatic than the same thing in French “pièce de merde”… when I’m really miffed, it’s “VA FUNGOOL!”

I guess I should learn some German swearing, given I’m approximately 50% German.

And odd that I lived in Greece as a child, spoke Greek reasonably well, but never really learned any Greek swearing till we came back to Australia and lived in colourful inner city suburbs chock full of European immigrants, and Greek kids would yell out “GAMISSOS!”.

Also : given I live in land of the Whadjuk Nyoongar traditional owners, I should try and make an effort to learn to swear in their language too…

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I myself try my best to avoid swearing. However, having a french-made car, I get more than tempted quite often. Even then, I use only “soft” swearing only… :innocent:

But sometimes I hear other peoples performances, based on that experience I can tell you, if you will ever need to swear 2 minutes long without repeating any single (bad) word, hungarian language is the way to go… :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


Personally I agree with all of you. :sweat_smile:

I find it difficult to swear in my native language and in English, for whatever reasons, yet I’ve been living in Germany for the past 4 years and based on the general spoken language and the promotion of a fake no-censorship environment from the media, I learned the language with the whole swearing in between. A fact I’m not much pleased of and now I’m trying to unteach myself the use of foul language in normal communication when there is no reason to be upset about anything in particular to require cursing.

I do, however, strongly believe it’s an adults language and children should not be learning it too fast, which they do if they hear it everywhere on tv and radio. I also find it unreasonable to the edge of controlling when it’s used in the transmission of information from the media, where the transmitter should be 100% impartial and present only the fact and not his/hers own opinions on the matter, that bothers me quite a lot, and increasingly more every day.

I don’t find it upseting when people use it directed at situations and not at other people, where it’s plain insulting. (excepting those situations when THE people involved are really asking for it) That is actually refreshing knowing or seeing that some people are normal human beings and they have feelings and opinions of their own, and not just a bunch of brainwashed robots that are preset to stay in a certain agreeable pattern, so basically fake. For me those people are dangerous to have around.


And again, you are going on and on and on about exactly this.

Here’s what I would’ve told you in the first place, if your request wouldn’t have seem familiar and yet still a bit ridiculous to me:

This forum is not a product support forum from a huge company like JetBrains, but just a place to discuss technical topics, possibly related to the It’sFOSS website.

There is no “official” support of any way. All of the active and frequently commenting moderators here do not get a single penny for this. Not a single one. If you expect us to maintain a “professional image”, then I expect us to expect getting paid by you!

I am not here in my free time(!) to be super nice or super supporting or super “professional”. It’s my free time and I do whatever the hell I want. I just am here, because there are a couple of nice people here, whose contributions I like to read a lot. Despite them being technically strangers, as I’ve never seen them in reality, they are still my “forum-friends” and that’s one of the biggest reasons I am here.
While I am doing that, I am occasionally helping people, who I want to help. However, I do not have to help anyone. I could just be lurking all day and night long and nobody should care in a way like “oh, where is Akito, to maintain our profesional image?!”. Like, no. I am here, in my free time, as you are too, I suppose.

I want to be chillaxed and do something that’s fun, like looking at an issue someone has with Linux, which maybe isn’t that simple to solve. I’m not in any way obligated to help anyone. More so, I am not in any way obligated to help anyone, in the nicest way possible. This way would restrict my freedom of expression and I would feel very uncomfortable.
I know, the type of people who says stuff like you, will probably never understand this, so imagine this:
Imagine someone is constantly cussing at you and constantly berating you.
This is how I feel, whenever I have to restrict my language, whether it is related to the content or its form.

Finally, we are here since years. The people cussing the most are among the oldest members of this forum. There is at least once exception I know of, but the rest is more or less on my side of the beautiful view of the cussing world.
So, if you are really as nice and courteous, it would perhaps be the most normal and expected thing for you to live according to what is established here, instead of asking people spending their free time here to live according to extremely debatable rules, that in the end just do one thing:
Stop hurting fefes of a small minority of users.

Please, do NOT excuse my rant!