Linux can't be installed

While installing arch I accidentally format sector 63 to 2048 and wrote efi partition from 2048 and now no Linux version can be installed. Please help.

I don’t think that sector is an issue here, Utkarsh. AFAIK, by default fidks starts at 2048 and that’s fine. My EFI partition starts at 2048 as well.

I think your problem is something else. You probably messed up EFI boot setting.

Why do you say “no Linux version can be installed”? What error do you see?

Also, when you are asking for help, try to provide details. It is not easy to understand the problem scenario from two lines that hardly give any information.

I will definitely keep in mind to provide as much as details as possible, from now on
I haven’t touched my boot setting. Its secure boot off, UEFI preferred.

I already installed windows as that was not showing any errors and deleted all partition and started fresh with new partitions. So I can’t think of any other problem.

By “no Linux version can be installed” I mean I have tried installing ubuntu and arch.
While installing ubuntu via USB grub stuck at minimal-bash like error.
While trying to install arch option of installation setup option doesn’t appear at all.