Linux Mint 19.1 Tessa first impressions


Wireless connection is not the problem. Mint cannot find the wireless card during installation, but one can manually get it to search for it. It then works. After reboot, the wireless card is lost again, and has to be installed one more time. After that it sticks without further problems. Just my experience.

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It all depends which wireless card is installed and what driver it’s using. Hardware has much better compatibility now that a few years ago. But still a long way to go.
19.1 has worked very well on this laptop but had problems with 19 on another one so just left 18.3 on it until I have time to sort it all out. All in all 19.1 is the best Linux desktop I’ve used.

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I am pleased to say that I have solved my PDF problem with Mint mate edition and would like to thank all who gave me advice on this problem.



Thanks for letting us know - perhaps when you have a moment you can post your solution as it would help the other members of our community who may have a problem with it.

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I actually saw the solution on a blog, could have been here. But I opened Libre draw and looked for a settings option but could not find anything but then I noticed an ‘options’ drop box and found ‘print to file’ and remembered that I saw on a blog that to solve PDF issues I needed to click that and it worked. I am still fairly new to Linux Mint as I used to use Ubuntu 14.04/16.04 and with both of these I could just scan and print out whatever I wanted without without any of this print to file stuff. It’s working now and that is the main thing.


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Just installed Linux Mint 19.1 Cinnamon a couple days ago on my desktop. It is Great! So far, no problems.



Glad to hear this. IMHO it is the best version yet. The news about 19.2 that is coming through seems to hint at further improvements in Mint

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Did you apply the level 3 and 4 patches for 19.1 that were marked for installation? ie; the kernel updates.

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All levels as I always do a timeshift first then after they’ve done I remove the old kernels once I know it is safe to do so. The only problems I have ever had with updating hasn’t been caused by Mint directly. I would always advise caution in applying updates, but this has been my experience with 19 .1 which is another reason why I always recommend it.

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