Load kernal first

I am running Mint 20 on a Dell 3593. There is nothing else on the laptop.

The problem is when first turning on I get a message "error command failed you may need to load kernel first " Turning off and back on will then load correctly. Sometimes it will load correctly first time.
Any suggestions ?

is this a new behavior? if so, has something changed on the system recently? an update from mint 19 to 20 maybe or even just updating and upgrading packages?

Could you read and post the dmesg logs as described here:

Mint 20 was loaded from scratch about three months ago. I have just loaded the updates as they come through. As I said if I do two or three reboots it will usually load correctly!

these might be helpful trying to figure out what is going on with your system:

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I decided to wipe the drive and start again, so far the problem has not shown up.
Many thanks for helping though, much appreciated.