Looking for Zorin OS and Elementary OS users




Seeing @Masterbrewer comment about Brother Printer drivers etc, this article may help you: https://easylinuxtipsproject.blogspot.com/p/brother-printers.html



My mother is using zorin and prints pdf docs without any issue. She uses the default pdf viewer and prints from the file menu and I’ve been using Elementary for about 2 years with no problems in printing pdfs, so I would suggest some printer setting and checking


I just spoke to a computer tech who runs Ubuntu on one of his own machines and he is sure it is the printer driver. I installed Linux Mint cinnamon 19,1 yesterday and it has the same problem. He is coming to have a look at this on Wednesday. Obviously I need to try and install a genuine Brother driver.



Well it would seem that my problem is the printer driver. I have a teck coming on Wdnesday to try and find a Brother driver that will suit.


found an installer and some drivers here:



My printer is a Brother monochrome laser printer but the good news is I just uninstalled my printer and reinstalled it and it is now printing so I hope that is the end of the matter. It certainly did not like the Mate versions.



There is a an application that often gets installed in some Wine builds called “Image Magic”. I had a problem with Zorin 9 and with Mint 18 where this app would activate along side PDF viewer when I clicked on a pdf.The end result was anything pdf took forever. In both cases Image Magic was installed and in both cases the problem evaporated after it was removed.


I never use wine of image magic and they are not installed in my computer. I installed Mint 19.1 cinnamon on the weekend and printed out a 14 page PDF last night and all went fine so I hope that is the end of my worries. Sending gmail posts via Thunderbird seems to be very slow but not will another inbox I have with my internet provider. That works well. I had this problem before when I was using Mint Mate edition but it corrected itself a day or so later. Hope it does again.


do i understand correctly that installing 19.1 solved the pdf printing issue for you?


Sorry, perhaps another Admin can take a look at this, but this seems to have meandered far way from the original topic, which was Looking for Zorin OS and Elementary OS users, to something to do with Printers and PDF. The latter being a different subject matter from the original, so perhaps it needs splitting or editing as such.

I know peeps are only trying to help, but personally I was confused as I read through the answers given as to what they had to do with the original thread. I don’t think I would be the only one, but these are just my thoughts.


So far that is the case. I had PDF problems with Mint Mate and Ubuntu Mate. When I first installed cinnamon 19.1 I did have some problem with very slow download of gmail to Thunderbird but I discovered a setting whereby I just highlight the troublesome inbox and select the fix inbox option and it fixed the problem in seconds. I have no idea how but it worked fine.


Sorry about that. When I had problems with Mint Mate I asked about Zorin 12.4 and Elementary to see if anyone used them and if they were ok with basic computer operations like PDFs. I have read good reviews in Linux magazines on both. I did download Zorin and tried it out using live boot. It seemed ok but it has a very old fashion look and feel. In fact to me it looked more like a Windows 98. So I downloaded Mint 19.1 and so far that is working very well.


No need to say sorry, but thank you for doing so. I just thought it was a different subject that you were on and perhaps needed another thread, that was all. I am glad you have things sorted, would you please mark it solved if it has been, it would help others to know it has.