Microsoft is Rebuilding Edge Browser using Chromium for Windows & macOS any thoughts?


According to this :
I was wondering if anyone had any opinions on this? It is an admission from Microsoft that they can’t make a browser now. I have not used one of theirs sine IE in Windows 7 which I think was IE11 or something.


My thoughts are that I don’t care and nobody else should. Why does it matter? Even if it wasn’t a total failure like all the other browsers they made, thne there’s still the question, why would anyone want to change from a browser that worked for decades (Firefox) to some new shit that’s gonna be buggy and most of all spyware?


My thoughts exactly :slight_smile:


Okay why should people care? There is general consensus that browsers will converge to meet the needs of the ever changing internet. With this happening the major players will be Google which it already is and Microsoft that will happen. When Firefox entered the market in 2002 there was little choice of browsers and it was different to Internet Explorer. So it has only been around for a decade and a half and has a falling share of the market. Chrome started in 2008 since then it has dominated the browsers, both in market share and the number of other browsers based on its coding.

It would be stupid of us to think that anything Microsoft do will be buggy and full of spyware. When it turns it attention to it Microsoft solves these problems. As for spyware, no matter what we may care to believe if they wanted to do, everything we do can be spied upon by our governments or others and we have no control over it.

My thoughts you might not agree with them, but I think that Microsoft is turning more and towards open source and will be a major player in here. I also would not be surprised if it did not have a stake in Linux before too long. Microsoft has stayed around this long by evolving and I believe this another step in that.


I use Windows 10 and at times I am forced to use Edge. It is very heavy and slow for me. Sluggish as well.


How forced?..


I have heard of this before. Our son has to use Windows 10 at work and while he normally uses Chrome he also finds that he is forced into using Edge browser : I first saw this here ; and couldn’t believe it, but there are other articles as well on line with the same thing. Sadly for those who can’t always use Linux and have to use windows for things I have not seen the work around this yet, but there might be one


In the fall update to Window 10, Windows’ built-in email app will open all links in Edge rather than the browser you’ve set as your default. So you may want to use Chrome, for example, but if you use Windows Mail to open a link, you’ll use Edge whether you like it or not. And clearly, given Edge’s dismal market share, you won’t like it.

If you’re broken enough to use Windows Mail in the first place, you might as well use Edge, as well. Don’t see why this should be considered outrageous. To me, it’s like saying “Well, I ordered a double cheese burger and not a double super-cheese burger, because I want to stay healthy.” Both are unhealthy.


Why assume Google’s Chrome isn’t as much spyware as Microsoft’s Edge? Also, ever since the Justice Department almost broke up Microsoft, their software has been written for the lawyers: thus the bloat. I worked for a company at the beginning of my career that had been broken up by the government for abuse of monopoly power. The fear pervades the entire company culture and its approach to business. Microsoft’s behavior these past couple of decades reminds me of my first employer. Maybe open source would get them out of that mode.


Who assumed that?

That is de facto incorrect. We have so many monopolies, like Google, Amazon etc. They don’t fear a thing, else they wouldn’t be such extreme monopolies. Did you know that Google pays only 50€ taxes on 1000000€ profit in Europe? If you can do that, you have literally nothing to fear.


Why would you recommend someone use a product you claim is spyware?

Have you had any Robinson-Patman training? Have you held senior management positions? Have you had to worry about such things?

July 20th, 2018; New York Times; John Cassidy: According to some estimates, about eighty-five per cent of the world’s smartphones run on Google’s Android operating system. On Wednesday, the European Commission, the administrative arm of the European Union, levied a record fine of five billion dollars on Google for breaching the E.U.’s competition rules by, among other things, forcing cell-phone manufacturers to pre-install the firm’s search engine and Chrome Web browser on Android phones. “In this way, Google has used Android as a vehicle to cement the dominance of its search engine,” Margrethe Vestager, the E.U.’s competition commissioner, said in a statement. “These practices have denied rivals the chance to innovate and compete on the merits. They have denied European consumers the benefits of effective competition in the important mobile sphere.”

What’s the difference between a $5B fine and a tax? Does this type of legal action set a precedent for increased vigilance by antitrust authorities? How far can the large IT corporations push before the regulators pursue multiple breakups with alacrity?


Hey peeps let’s keep this nice :slightly_smiling_face: we all have a different experience and training and view and none of us is 100% correct. My idea of posting this was to see what our community thought as a whole not for any fall outs or one-upmanship to happen which it seem to me is happen, so can we all get cold (is that what they say?). Thank you :isle_of_man::isle_of_man:

  1. You quoted someone else and not me. I didn’t recommend using Google Chrome. To be exact, you quoted someone else who I quoted in my post, so it says that I said it, because I quoted that person.

  2. Ultimately, it doesn’t make much of a difference if you use Chrome or not, because Google is everywhere, if we like it or not. They are a true monopoly that sucks life out of every part of the people.

Obviously, you speak from the indoctrinated capitalist side of the world. If there was no difference between the fine and the tax, they would rather follow the law. Secondly, a $5B fine is for them like paying 10 bucks for missing a red light for a pedestrian. If it would truly hurt, they would actually see a problem in that. Fact is, they don’t care, because they don’t get apprioprately punished. If we had a just regime then Google, Amazon etc. would be paying $500B in fines and that still would be too nice, considering the wrong they do.
Please don’t judge the people when you have no idea how it is to be in the real world, because you prefer to reside in the parallel universe that capitalists are on.

This, at last, proves my point. You speak from a capitalist point of view. This is literal blabla “oh my poor multi-billion dollar company is so poor, I’m gonna cry, waah, waah”. This is literal white noise.
That’s why the workers get paid nothing and feel nothing of the steadily growing profit while the bosses, CEOs and other animal-like predators get higher and higher amounts of rewards in form of money for literally doing nothing but betraying the people.

I quote this so everyone understands what this sentence means:


Here is what Mozilla has to say about it:
M.S. using chromium


If you care about what’s happening with online life today, take another look at Firefox. It’s radically better than it was 18 months ago — Firefox once again holds its own when it comes to speed and performance. Try Firefox as your default browser for a week and then decide. Making Firefox stronger won’t solve all the problems of online life — browsers are only one part of the equation. But if you find Firefox is a good product for you, then your use makes Firefox stronger. Your use helps web developers and businesses think beyond Chrome. And this helps Firefox and Mozilla make overall life on the internet better — more choice, more security options, more competition.

I think the best advice is usually “don’t knock it before you try it”.


Good advise - I have been trying FF again after many years of chrome and Opera and have been quite impressed with their progress of late.


No sense in continuing this conversation with an fanatical lunatic. Go be with the rest of whatever ism you subscribe.


You are defending the guys that are ripping off every hard working person on earth and I’m the lunatic. Wouldn’t surprise me if you are an anti-vaccer and flat earther.


Interesting thanks for the share


I think Microsoft should work on fixing their major updates from breaking things and causing serious issues before worrying about making a new browser.