My graphics thread

I am not much of a graphics artist, but I do draw something every now and then. When I feel like it is not that bad, I will try to put it here :slight_smile:

Fluent design is all over the news. So I thought why not try one myself. I really hope this one is close enough

Inkscape fluent

Real life version

Inkscape 64 alt


@meetdilip Please tell me how much you would charge me to re-design my logo in 3D which you can see at

I would like the same scene, but with a tower instead of a desktop connected to a large screen TV. A Lion Tamer with a whip taming the scowling TV with arms or paws. Thanks!!!

@TrekJunky I am not skilled enough to do illustrations. You can get that done easily by someone at Sorry to disappoint you.


I never knew about FreeLancer dot com. Thanks so much for telling me about it.


I drew them this morning. Hope to draw to more if I stay in the mood

hand clean

hand wash




Seems like you have improved a lot in last few days :wink:


Combine them in order left to right in one 4x4 square…just a suggestion. Maybe a border around each one to separate them?

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According to you, which one gets the Work From Home icon vote ?

work from home

wfh laptop

B (i.e. the 2nd one)…

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Stay at home icon

home only 1x

To me that “icon” kinda says “don’t stay at home”… or “don’t go home”…

Maybe increase the size of the house and put a padlock on the door? or a big “X” over the door?

I was hoping to make that imply a chained house ( with people inside ). I could use hard colours, but thought about staying with the shades of blue. :slight_smile:

padlock sounds like a good idea

I hope this will satisfy you better. Gives the feel of a fence and more towards locked down

home only 3x

Padlock version

home only padlock

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Good work mate - but (just my opinion) it’s still not clear enough…

Maybe make the house a tad bigger, and further up the frame, make the door bigger, and put the padlock on the door, or near the door…

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Thanks for the feedback. Does this work for you ? :slight_smile:

human padlock


near perfect mate :smiley:

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The last one is by far better.



hand wash


Works for me, little person padlocked in house. I feel like that anyway, looking after grandson majority of the time (he’s asleep at present)