Need help finding a decent Linux compatible USB Wifi device


HAHAHA, See that’s what I am saying, I never have any problem with that. Not trying to be a smart butt here, I truly do not understand why people have such a hard time with this.

I currently run 4 different computers here all with LINUX, which is all I use. Not a single one did I have any issue with my wifi USB cards. I switch them around between the various computers all the time. In fact I have never had to hunt down wifi drivers, LINUX always finds it and installs them. I have 4 different USB wifi cards also, all from different companies. ALFA, TF LINK, and 2 others. No problems at all.


So you just program a new driver if there is none or why is it so easy?


Extremely lucky guy, then.


@VapinPagan I would say you’ve been simply lucky in that you happen to use mainly wifi devices that happen to be compatible.

If you’ve never encountered these problems, that doesn’t mean no one else has. :wink:

Finding drivers that work is not always easy or possible. I’ve been through all that before and it wasn’t worth the hassle in the end when the device simply still wouldn’t work properly.

The reason so many people have such a hard time with this is because there are SO many different wifi devices out there and the likelihood of all of them being supported is pretty slim.


Ok, so I can confirm; the wifi adapter I just bought from Amazon (link below) works great. It was simply plug and play, signal is decent and the price was right. In fact I’m probably going to order another, just to keep on hand as a spare. :slight_smile:


Oh yeah I see that, I mean trust me I have done the great driver hunt for many other types of hardware, just never had issues with wifi. What I can do, that may help here, is provide the names and models of all the wifi I use and have no problems with at all. Again, not trying to be a smart butt here or anything, just saying.

So you guys give me a little time today and later on I will list all my wifi USB cards I use and have no problems with along with the distro’s and such that I am running. Hopefully that will help someone.


Hi! In my experience ALFA products are best. Also, Atheros chipsets have a long history of compatibility. More productive to think chipset than brand name though. In my research over the years TLink changes from time to time. Some models are compatible, some not; some only with ‘workaround’. Good Luck.
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this seems like a good idea in general for anyone who lists a device that works for them. knowing the distro that it works on should also help anyone who happens into this thread in the future :slight_smile:


With MX 16 Linux I use an old Netgear USB WiFi dongle model WPN111 which also works with Lubuntu 18.04 and probably many Linux distros.
This dongle happens to have a Broadcom chip.
Another make of dongle , I have " Next-Blue" also works well with Linux .

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I have used these with Win and all my Linus machines. These are totally reliable, require no drivers, have great reception and are very tough. Highly recommended

Hope this helps.


Have you tried the Fritzbox ones. I have a Fritzbox 7590 router which was very easy to set up and runs perfectly and I know they do the dongles - not sure about the price though it might be worth check for the best price on something like ebuyer - Don’t know if this will help or not


Top tier, can definitely recommend. :+1:


Thanks I think it is the best - haven’t quiet got the most out of it yet, but I do love it


do you mind sharing which distro you use that this works so well for?


It works with Mint and it also works on all flavours of Ubuntu & it worked on Deepin and everything I’ve tried. As I use Mint 19.1 now I have never had problems with it and get very good speeds with it. It has recently had an update (the Friztbox) and that went well using the wifi not cable. I went for it after seeing the reviews which were all good and it was a good price on Amazon. Run all our wifi 2 laptops tv printer etc with it and no problems and has excellent security as well as looking great IMHO - really can’t fault it at all