Needed Windows for my vehicle diagnostic + software update

So, my notebook is running Ubuntu on the ssd, and the notebook had a cd drive as well. I had another ssd drive sitting unused, so I removed the cd drive, picked up a drive caddy for the ssd that was made for this task, and installed it in the cd recess under the keyboard.

I disconnected the Ubuntu ssd, and connected the other ssd to the old cd sata connectors. Plugged in the Win 10 iso boot usb drive and started the notebook after setting the usb as the boot drive. Then I went to the dark side…I still feel as if I did a bad thing, but it was necessary since the manufacturer did not offer a linux version. :wink:
After installing Windows 10, it took over the boot process, so I had to disconnect Windows ssd, and reconnect the Ubuntu ssd. I then started Ubuntu one time, quit and powered down in order to re-connect the Win 10 ssd.

The next boot went to the Ubuntu ssd, booting Ubuntu, and I went to the terminal and ran “sudo update-grub.” The grub updater then saw the Windows 10 boot info, and put it into the grub start menu in the inferior third position. Perfect!

I found this method here:

Good 'ole grub!