Nero DiscSpeed: Another chain tying me to Windows


@cliffsloane I did a quick search regarding DiscSpeed and found this. Are you sure the software does what you expect it to do? Because I read everywhere something about performance and benchmarking but never about integrity.


I posted a screenshot at the top of the thread. DiscSpeed added that surface test after itr replaced CD-Speed. Another wrinkle may be that it does not work with all makes of drives. But it absolutely works with my Samsung and my previous drive, a Lite-On.



@cliffsloane What about this?


I have it, tried to use it, and could not figure out how to make sense of the data. It does not do a surface test and does not break down into specific tracks. It seems made for testing writeable media.

More info: This is all it can do.


i hadn’t meant to let this drop entirely. i was just waiting for the main discussion to wind down. the points you made are why originally i asked if op was running mint. i figured if i got it working in ubuntu that might not exactly translate. luckily we were both running ubuntu so it was easy enough to move forward. one of these days i need to add a mint partition just to poke around a little.


I think that this would work only with having a VirtualBox with Windows on it and then installing Nero DiscSpeed.


Let us know how you get please. It has been interesting to follow @nebinbc - Thanks in advance