New Initiative: GitHub 💎 Gems - Trying to find hidden but useful FOSS

What are GitHub Gems by PrivacyTools? Open Source Software that doesn’t fit the privacy topic on the main website PrivacyTools but are worth checking out. Most open source projects are run by privacy-minded people, anyway. From great developers for beautiful people like you.

GitHub Gems are hard to discover since they are so precious and rare, so please share them with me on Twitter if you happen to stumble upon a Gem. I will make sure to let the world know about them as soon as possible and share the love the developers have put in these tools.

If you know a GitHub Gem, follow this link to know how to submit them or leave a reply in this thread.

Thanks everyone in advance for participating.

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Are you a member of the staff?

Hello Akito, I’ve just left a reply in the introduction Thread. I am BurungHantu, founder of

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Greetings, great to see you here.

Usually, we don’t allow links to external websites for new visitors, because it’s most of the time spam.

I think, we can make an exception here, as your website is obviously not spam and tries to help people, as we all know, I hope. :wink:

It would be really nice if you visited this forum from time to time, maybe you can contribute some privacy news regarding from time to time. :grinning:

Thank you for the exception. I truly believe the GitHub Gem initiative can help developers and users to find each other. They are just so hard to find. But this Forums seems to be a good place to meet people who are passionate about open source tools as well. Sadly I can’t contribute to anything Linux related, but happy to share Privacy news, articles and tutorials here if it fits the topic.

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That is great!

This forum is focused on Linux, yes, but we cover all technology topics here, even general tech news including privacy news, etc.

It just happens, that most discussions are about Linux. However, you may post about any technology topic here.


I’ve just realised that you’re doing a very similar thing on your blog, thats great: All Blog Posts

The main difference is that I’d be looking for cross-platform software. I should probably add that as a criteria soon.

I have a few scripts and tools. Used to have old profiles but I keep loosing my account keys lol. Anyway here:

  1. ChayaV2 - It’s the most advance image steganography tool you can find in market :slight_smile:

  2. QuickKVM - Easy KVM setup in the right way for new linux users. KVM setup takes a bit of brains and linux internal knowledge, but newbs can’t be expected to know about dnsmasq and all that stuff, so this tool automates all that setup! :slight_smile:

I’m currently working on a FOSS app for windows norimes which I want to rekt the current AV companies for their lack of features, teansparency and anti-privacy/anti-security grayware solutions. AND I REALLY LOVE YOUR WEBSITE. It has bought privacy and security to lot of people, including myself, so cheers :+1:

You say linux users, but your script is quite specific to Ubuntu and to systemd.
I wish you could make it more general… maybe even a document rather than a script, so people could adapt it to any distro

Thanks for the suggestion. I will test it against Arch GNU/Linux & Debian GNU/Linux and create a python script for multi install options. I like systemd, so won’t be testing against anything else for now.

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