New Lightweight Distros on 2Gib RAM laptop - Part-1 Manjaro 20.2

Hey FOSSers you are not going to believe this - these two Distros are actually lightweight - even though they are both missing major useful software apps. They are not as lightweight as Full Monty Trisquel let alone mini-Trisquel or miniMax-OS. :roll_eyes:
However they are said to install on 1GiB machine - which is what grabbed my attention.
So lets start with a few screenshots taken from the very basic Toshiba Laptop with 2GiB RAM:

What - No LibreOffice at least not on my image. So bare this in mind with resource RAM used tests.

Note transparency :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Not too clear what this is telling us without further study :thinking:

There is not much point in doing a full review or reading anything banal, bland, whatever by FOSS staff - I will leave that to professional Reviews such as…

Take note this is plasma whereas my screenshots are xfce edition.

For comparison :thinking:

Enjoy :smiley: