Trisquel (for school) on cheapest ever laptop

Cheapest ever laptop tested according to Trusted Reviews.

I have been asking the family if they have any old Win7 or Vista Laptops to donate to local schools where some pupils in poverty UK do not have access to web for school lessons. Hey, you guys know how I love to help anyone at anytime, anywhere…?

First laptop to show up is this very basic, odd, dinky Toshiba Satellite L300 Vista Basic with just 2GiB RAM and very slow processor. Yet there is something nice about it that I just can’t adequately explain; perhaps good basic quality and some manual controls, lovely compact keyboard perhaps…? I don’t know…

Toshiba Satellite Pro L300 Review

Similar to above but with slower processor - Guess what…?

I installed Full Monty Trisquel V9 without a single hitch but had to smile as it detected WiFi from neighbours houses and across the road before log in…
As expected it all works as described by Trisquel - 100% - fully working ready for workflow straight out of the box. As usual killed off Orca Screen Reader and did full updates, refreshing 20,000 apps and 51 languages - adding some diagnostic test software too.


Hey you statisticians out there - what are the odds of installing Trisquel on four disparate computers, 32 and 64bit, without a single glitch or problem in use…? Excellent class leading World Record performance too…

Now Guys - please don’t start any school playground tantrums or start throwing… :pig2: :poop:

who said “If you can’t hack it - teach it” Ooooooooops - guess it was moi…? :rofl: :kissing_heart:

Please - if anyone has a spare laptop in the UK …?
You know I can find it a good home for some child in a poor family?

Thanks :pleading_face: