You will ALL know of the favourable review of Trisquel v9 at the very experienced and professional site DistroWatch "When I switched over to testing the distribution on my workstation the performance was again great. I love how responsive MATE was in both test environments. The desktop flies on this distribution and windows are wonderfully snappy. MATE is a mid-weight desktop environment, yet it performs like a lightweight window manager on this distribution. I found Trisquel to be pleasant to use, easy to set up, and pretty capable out of the box. I really like how fast it performed tasks and how uncluttered/unbusy the desktop felt.
Anyone can confirm this with ease - yet we have from it’sFOSS staff tester…

And flying pig shit from other staff including RAM hungry FAT F*** slowest in production - won’t work on modern high end computers - you have lost you are finished etc and tested by secretive very professional testers hiding in the shadows proving how crap Trisquel is!
Bizarre or what… the fanboys and fangirls then send hate PM and are openly abusive with impunity…! Giving them enough rope I have now as you ALL know proved their content to be entirely false. I am now subject to a gagging order :zipper_mouth_face:

However the truth will out and we now have another PROFESSIONAL INDEPENDENT Review for ALL to read. Even I am amazed by this guy for his in-depth analysis of the Trisquel system out of the box but also the gnulinux FsF ethos as well - Freedom Vehicle - outstanding - gobsmacked even… Please will ALL staff take note. I have never read such a thorough review of any OS anywhere in past 14 months. Enjoy :wink:
I have installed Trisquel on four disparate computers without any issues whatsoever but tell all to check out hardware at h-node org or go to ThinkPenguin for a USB WiFi adapter - simple :slightly_smiling_face:

Trisquel 9 Review: Freedom Vehicle

You have to give this guy full respect for an intelligent well laid out Review.
ps. Mr “gnulinux” Richard Stallman uses Trisquel on a ThinkPad