Trisquel GNU/Linux preinstalled 16core Modern Computer


Though only taking five seconds to find as I suspect many others watching this drama unfold also know the facts of the matter and have been keeping their powder dry :bomb:- I have been keeping this quiet giving everybody including staff enough rope to…
So no apologies are expected even though richly deserved some would say… :face_with_raised_eyebrow: :roll_eyes:

I am under a gagging order but as of today it is very clear that previous ban will now become permanent, probably for posting this… Ah well such is life - c’est la vie - even for this 70+ old coffin chaser. Would have been great if @kovacslt could have timed the difference between my old CAD box and this baby… :baby:

Libre-friendly computer workstation that’s ready to go. @johnblood please take note!

Unleash new levels of work, action and intensity with powerful and libre software inside. Expertly designed to give you everything you desire in a modern computer that fully respects your freedom. Ready for work, school, university, coding…

With the Free Software Foundation’s “Respects Your Freedom” hardware product certification - the true meaning of FOSS - so take note all at it’sFOSS :speaking_head: :loudspeaker:

Comes with a version of coreboot and SeaBIOS payload without binary blobs - that means NO commercial shit with possible backdoors, malware and spyware.

One of the good things about having a libre-friendly system is that you can replace the boot firmware from user-space of your operating system. This is fairly easy even for the untrained and we can send instructions on how to do that if unfamiliar.

CPU(s):- This system comes with an 8-core AMD Opteron 4284 CPU installed. A second Opteron 4284 CPU is available on request, increasing the available CPU cores from 8 to 16. A quiet cooling solution is always included.

Memory:- 8GB of DDR3 RAM are included, which is generally a good starting point for most computing needs in the office and at home. You can upgrade RAM in 8GB increments to suit additional needs. Andy says he only needs 2 cores and 3GiB RAM and has shown forensic grade proof of Trisquel doing just that :kissing_heart: :wink:

Send PM or email if you cannot find it or want to build it yourself or want something even faster like IBM POWER9 v2 CPU (22-Core) like init :crazy_face: - Enjoy :wink:

Take EXTRA care to stay safe… :mask:


The more powerful the machine, the less performance difference that you can see between the distros.
Of course, if you can measure microseconds… :smiley:
But with an average monitor the shortest time difference you could see is 1/60 second, that’s not very easy to be perceived by a human eye (except of hardcore gamers, who can notice even 1/140 second).
However there is another thing to consider, if you pay the electricity.
Having a modern powerful rig, it will draw more power from the mains under a higher load than just idling.
So running more demanding OS will cost slghtly more :moneybag:


I would respectfully leave that to you :man_scientist:

Very good point you have raised. I was about to create a Topic on efficiency as I have spent a lifetime eradicating inefficiency :wink:
Part of the subject you have raised is the NOISE :loud_sound: which as you know is wasted energy having to cool :cold_face: down those cpus, graphics card etc - another Topic :thinking: :wink: my Dell with LXDE-MiniMaxOS is silent the fan has not come on yet :grinning:
It is so stupid having a rig like this to do ALL normal everyday tasks - I manage to use just 40% of my 3MiB RAM when multitasking on the old HP G60.
Hope you will help me with independent easy tests of LXDE-MiniMaxOS… :pleading_face:
Thanks again - Stay Safe :mask:
ps who has marked this as a solution - not me…? :astonished:

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Ahha. :smiley:
I’ll try my best, but surely not this week.
I think I will install Trisquel, minmaxos, Linux Mint 20 beside my Debian on my desktop computer.
I’ll put some easy load onto them (don’t know yet what exactly, but will do the same task), then when finished just let it run idle for an hour.
At the end we’ll see (or not?), if the required energy has any noticeable difference.
I’ll record the power meter display, as well as the computer screen.
Will that be OK?
Any additional idea?

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Hey @Mina - You read my mind :face_with_head_bandage:
I was going to ask you to remove your post as not really applicable and you know that I do not respect that guy’s videos at all without being too impolite. Besides when you are running Trisquel on a refurbished 3rd hand device you are doing the best possible for our planet - n’est pas? :thinking: Just ask Greta :slightly_smiling_face:

Hey @kovacslt you have some great positive ideas for moving OS forensic grade testing forward for ALL FOSSers to see.

If you are downloading Trisquel please use Spanish Uni image.

Early signs of MiniMaxOS are good on my Dell E6420 laptop - have yet to notice the fan come on - it runs so silent -


Note Fan is OFF - cool :wink: in a room with central heating :flushed:

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Has anyone identified this computer manufacturer yet…? :face_with_raised_eyebrow: :smiley: