Is PopOS a JokeOS vs Trisquel Expert Pro Reviews

Hey FOSSers we have had some more disinformation in from @daniel.m.tripp … “I’d guess you’d probably have better “out of the box” with PopOS or whatever:roll_eyes:

So I fired up my Dell E6420 with PopOS and my first impression was “Are these Dudes in the USA serious or is this PopOS a joke as well as being a total SLOW POKE…? :joy: :roll_eyes: :wink:
What - app windows won’t resize - just open or quit - No Way what a joke to present to a Noob - even ancient Msoft Windows got that figured out and made easy! :roll_eyes:
Where on Planet Earth is Gimp or similar - Errr - No Way; what a joke to present to a Noob. Next I try looking at RAM used - Errr - Ctrl+Alt+t does not work but find it listed as What - you cannot be serious - make sure nothing is running at all - What - you cannot be serious - even with this minimalist incomplete software it is soaking up resources. :astonished: :astonished: :astonished:

Guess this PopOS is a joke and that I am wasting electricity running my quad core laptop with 8GiB RAM - wasting my time too - all of five minutes run time. Time to take screen shot as evidence and bomb out or should I say barf out…! :woozy_face: :nauseated_face: :face_vomiting: :wink:

Okay Guys; As we want some reliable well respected professional reviews of this PopOS (v Trisquel) we all know to head on over to DistroWatch: This comes in two parts:

DistroWatch Weekly, Issue 867, 25 May 2020

DistroWatch Weekly, Issue 895, 7 December 2020

Or DistroCrunch

… so do they confirm my views on PopOS…? Do they confirm my views on PopOS appalling inefficient use of resources? Is this another SLOW POKE from the USA…? How does this PopOS compared with pro Trisquel reviews and customers of modern high end computers with Trisquel pre-installed…?

Quote: RAM: 961 MB standing still after fresh start with WiFi disabled. - memory usage would quickly rise to 1.1GB without any applications being opened. Memory usage tended to stay steadily in the 1.1GB range at that point.

However you all know my tests with Full Monty Trisquel with Gimp so here is screen shot evidence from my new MiniMaxOS with FULL suite of LibreOffice, Gimp and much more installed… Yes FOSSers that’s 1/4 one quarter the resource.


So - two pro reviewers tests concur with my findings on efficiency or should I say inefficiency in the extreme…! :slightly_smiling_face: :smiley: :wink:

And the users of that modern high end computer who actually know what they are talking about say: :smirk:

"This workstation is perfect for my needs
- Only libre-friendly hardware
- Very quiet yet powerful
- USB 3.0 card that doesn’t require firmware (including front panel)

The most notable thing is the attention to the details both in terms of production quality and freedom. It’s difficult to build such free system yourself, and I’m glad that this manufacturer can take care of that, and it is even more important for non-technical people whom I encourage to give this workstation a try.

It’s my second purchase at this manufacturer and I’m very happy that such companies exist. Not only do they sell libre-friendly hardware, but they also provide the best customer support I’ve ever had. I wish you guys loads of success :slight_smile:

I’m more than happy - It’s absolutely quiet (I can only hear it when I put my ear on the case) and the performance is great (comparable to a modern computer). Knowing this is without back doors let’s me sleep (and work) without fearing that my system might get compromised. Also appreciated the stickers and flyers they sent with: GNU, FSFE and FSF stickers are now on my laptop I also bought here 3 years ago. Cheers! :slight_smile:"

Well after reading the views of professionals, users and my screenshot evidence you could just read the UNINFORMED CONTENT by our Daniel who as usual, like the others, provides no referenced evidence.

Hey you good FOSSers, transient visitors and Noobs - I have great confidence that you can compare PopOS against the World Record breaking Trisquel for getting your everyday workflow done in an efficient manner. :kissing_heart: :hugs: :wink: