mini-Trisquel - First ever Review anywhere?

A little history - The Triskele symbol, otherwise known as the Triskelion, is a trilateral symbol consisting of three interlocked spirals. The triple spiral symbol, or three spiral volute, appears in many early cultures, the first in Malta (4400–3600 BCE)
From lubuntu -
“Celtic power arrives to our computers! It has been released Trisquel 5.5 Mini edition, with LXDE environment, and based on Linux-Libre” (under the GNU Free Software Foundation)

They themselves say: mini-Trisquel is a lightweight version for older machines and netbooks. Based on the LXDE desktop environment and a selection of resource-saving applications to bring new life to your hardware…
So before the Akito’s Groupthink Fanboys jump in with their well rehearsed orchestrated jive I will use this as a basis for the review. :wink:
Some users may wish to slow the system down by adding more features and heavyweight apps - my advice would be to go for Mint rather than ubuntu and don’t bother weighing down this Lotus Elise weight distro with any lard. :roll_eyes:
One of the main reasons you should be looking at mini-Trisquel is for older post Pentium pc’s or any machine with limited capabilities which may be suffering using WinVista XP or Win7-10.

However many experts outside of our forum such as Mehedi Hasan the founder of ubuntupit state as a matter of fact that you can install on a modern computer to save the resources for other useful and demanding tasks. As any distro that consumes fewer resources, running various games will give a bit more performance than Ubuntu.
This directly contradicts Akito’s statements in condemning, belittling and insulting myself; Andy2, for saying such. You can choose who is connected with reality and make your own judgement of this review. To quote Akito:- “but to me it seems like the average user wouldn’t give a single piece of flying pig shit, if their computer uses…” - "Trisquel will be the slowest in productivity… etc.

I understand that mini-Trisquel is based on another supposed lightweight distro - lubuntu but having a different DE desktop environment - it is then set up by those first class devs at Trisquel so inspired by Richard Stallman, gnulinux and the FsF to name but a few.

Most will know that I have used full Trisquel now v9 on my computers for about 12 months now. So let us start with this brief review of mini-Trisquel v8 32bit on an ancient 20+ year old CAD tower built by a colleague and friend - with an even older 1993ish squarish LED TFT monitor of Win3.1 vintage from the days when this monitor started to replace the Cathode Ray Tube - Wow The sound via the monitor’s inbuilt stereo speakers is just as good (bad) as under WinXP-Pro.
It is to the credit of this cash strapped small team at Trisquel that it not only recognised this disparate collection of components but optimised them to facilitate a FOSS World Record of Efficiency (and breathtaking speed too) for ANY FOSS distro. :astonished:
Wow :astonished: is this fast or what; being so light on resources using just 143088 bites. :yum:
That is the substantially better than the LXDE 12th place in the chart “Linux Desktop base memory usage” according to ubuntupit dot com - Indeed it would promote the tweaked version of LXDE implemented by the Trisquel devs onto the rostrum just behind EDE and CDE thus demoting Moksha into 4th place. Cool or what…? As to the “Why” - I will have to investigate deeper at a later date.
You have to LOL when you read it’sFOSS review of lubuntu by Dimitrios Savvopoulos
“*who is an MSc Mechanical Engineer but a Linux enthusiast in heart. His machines are powered by Arch Linux but curiosity drives him to constantly test other distros. Challenge is part of his personality.” think he got out of his depth or pay grade here…! :wink:

I am a self educated self employed Mechanical Design Engineer and know he will be gobsmacked or whatever the Hellenic term is; by 143MiB as he publicly states that “After a reboot the system runs approximately at a very low of 340 MB for the modern standards, 100 MB more than LXDE." - LOL which planet is he and Akito on…? :alien: :joy:


I wonder if there is a Hellenic term for Trisquel’s 143Mib if he considers 340MiB to be “very low” - what a joke - or am I in a parallel universe…? Spok - this is performance Jim; but not as we know it…! Even in Quadro FX 5800 prehistory 4MiB RAM 32bit Trisquel was warp factor ten faster! :fireworks: :1st_place_medal:
(“The Gamesters of Triskelion” is the sixteenth episode of the second season of the American science fiction television series Star Trek - it was first broadcast January 5, 1968.) just for @TrekJunky and @Mina :alien:
I cried laughing LOL :joy: at his conclusions yet I must admit I was surprised by the all negative comments as users were apparently - "I’m sorry, I found lubuntu awful, almost a beta release type experience. Installed on Lenovo N200 (1.5GHz Core Duo / 3Gb RAM / NVidia Go7300). Known issues and no solutions in sight etc etc. “LXQT needs reorganization, it is not intuitive to find settings, put everything on one place." - "Trying to install 20.04 failed several times. Calamares begins like Calamity, this is not coincidence !”

So Trisquel were up against it from the start being based on this heavy pile of lubuntu Cr4p - it’s another testament to those Trisguel gnulinux devs who have triumphed over Cr4p…! They have thankfully gone in the direction of performance with stable reliability.

Before I move on could I say that the first time I encountered mini-Trisquel was from a DVD distro collection included with an issue of Linux Format magazine which started my wondering why no one at it’sFOSS was using it let alone heard of it or gnulinux FsF etc for that matter and keep on promoting slow poke distros. This is not by accident Abhishek…! A simple search for Trisquel on it’sFOSS web page will reveal all…?

Trisquel mini was used to rescue a much hated 2007 HP G60 Vista Notebook Intel® Core™2 Duo CPU T5800 @ 2.00GHz Hitachi 2.5 inch SATA hard disk drive that had been used professionally as a design tool - 3D CAD SolidWorks; dragged around England, Europe, Scandinavia and eight times through China’s customs checks. It eventually died along with Vista, all that AV software and FFox policy changes.
This Notebook is now much loved and mini-Trisquel was soon replaced by the full monty version. Both distros worked perfectly out of the box and I have now upgraded to v9 for full support.
I fully expected my more modern 2010 Dell Latitude E6420 i7 (4x) – 256GB SSD to be much faster when I did a full install of Trisquel mini v9 fully updated too; wiping out dual boot of ubuntu and Win10-Pro in the process. (Also to see if there was even a grain of truth in any of the protestations from Akito’s groupthink slow pokes Love-In…!)
Yes - After a quick easy simple install along with encrypted drive-system password it is fast and snappy straight out of the box and of course recognised and optimised the hardware giving a huge range of screen resolutions including auto. As usual you then kill the Orca Screen Reader and uncheck it from the start menu. (Unless you are a blind open source programmer like Ali who greatly appreciates Orca Screen Reader.

Okay we are ready to go and hit the ground running producing work immediately - plugging in my phone, camera, printer, scanner or mouse al recognised immediately and asking if I wanted to print a (Trisquel) test page - Yes. Of course it printed perfectly and was then placed on the scanner bed. Writing is taken care of by the very capable and easy to use Abiword which can use and save out in many formats.
The internet is served by the superfast lightweight browser Midori and emails by the multi-platform, beautiful, fast, lightweight Sylpheed which has nice documentation - SylpheedDoc available from SourceForge.
Grappling with an alien DE (LXDE) and installed apps I could not find screenshot - infuriating; as I could not believe min-Trisquel had no such feature. Ah - the strange app mtpaint that handles image manipulation and painting has screenshot under file>Actions>time delayed screenshot. The Lximage viewer also has the screenshot facility built in.

There are two calculators supplied which must be best in class with different modes for whatever your individual needs are.
If you have the need there are thousands of easy to install apps divided into categories for your ease of selection - which of course leads us into transforming this mini-Trisquel into your own custom OS distro with maximum efficiency being your start point…
As I do not do any social media whatsoever I am unable to comment on the chat app Pidgin but trust many Fossers do.
For all you tweaking fossers there is internal customisation or import customisation - here are a few tweaks for you…

Conclusion: The most efficient is mini-Trisquel v8 by far but even v9 at 248MiB, is more efficient than all the other supposed lightweights and therefore on any particular device will also be faster. Trisquel mini’s selection of lightweight pre-installed apps continue in the best traditions of performance with stability to cover your everyday tasks - Trisquel mini therefore fully meets their stated aims or objectives 100%.
Strangely; as I prepare to wipe my Dell’s SSD again I have to admit that I am beginning to warm to this LXDE desktop environment, file-manager and even like it now that I am in control.
As to why @abhishek is trying to keep all this a secret - well you guys better ask him… :speech_balloon:

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If it weren’t for the bitching against members of the community and other open source projects, this would’ve been a nice post.


Hey Mina, guess it is okay to reply in kind to the other moderator - and correct some of her silly content and disinformation on a massive scale - all this whilst ducking the :airplane: :pig: :poop: = :face_with_head_bandage: :joy: - :wink:

Do you think my injection tomorrow will help :syringe:- :thinking: :cold_face:- :joy:
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I agree. I’ve personally never installed Trisquel because I am very happy with Ubuntu, Manjaro or Fedora.

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Great to see you are back - welcome :crazy_face:
I was expecting some response from the management and I was also expecting the groopthink fanboys to come out in force - deployed - with the usual boring automaton Cr4P :robot: :poop: like…

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Aren’t you a member of your own FSF groupthink?

You also probably have more free time to set up and install all of the stuff that’s missing from FSF approved distros. I don’t. I want to be able to install a distro and it works.

Not everyone has your encyclopedic knowledge of everything GNU/Linux.

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For the record, I am a moderator, but I have (to-date) not exercised my powers. I’m mainly a writer for the site and a Linux fan. I heppened upon your post because it was in the community digest email.


Tried Trisquel. Decided it belonged with the 32-bit boys in 2005 and went back to Mint and Garuda.


So you couldn’t stand the pace in fast lane and reverted to type - Slow Poke in the Slow Lane :joy:

60 years ago in the school yard, Andy, you’d simply get a poke in the snoot. Now that I’m much older and more civilized, I’ll just ask you to take your boldface and nonsense and go the way of all bullies and losers–go play with yourself. I’ll just stay here with the more well-mannered folks.


I am a lone voice here as you should know if you had done any research.
As I have committed the cardinal sin of installing Windows Apps under wine then it cannot be said I am in any FsF groupthink :roll_eyes:

I am not aware of missing anything - please explain yourself.
You would not be so silly as to compare mini-Trisquel with Full Monty ubuntu would you…?
Yes the mini works straight out of the box with web browser, email, picture-paint editor, Illustrated document writer, viewers etc and puts you in the fast lane as you zoom past the slow pokes with record breaking efficiency.

Enjoy :face_with_hand_over_mouth: :kissing_heart: :wink:

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Please explain what is missing from FSF and why you think as a FOSS staffer mediator and tester why you think Trisquel does not work out of the box :thinking:
2nd time of asking - please kindly answer your accusations or withdraw your comments please as I think your content is entirely false :upside_down_face:

Please refer to - or shall I… :wink:

Enjoy :kissing_heart:

It all adds to the length of the …

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