FsF Free software Foundation NVIDIA official disinformation

Dear All,

As I am posting on various topics it is getting quite difficult to move forward or conclude anything when disinformation is being spread by some members and then to have the boss interject with more disinformation to compound and perpetuate the injustice is quite disconcerting.
A 70 year old age pensioner with only one years Linux experience should not have to create this Topic as far more experienced members or staff should have recognised this as disinformation. I could be completely wrong and barking up the wrong tree… :deciduous_tree: :dog2:
It is also disconcerting that the ethics of the Four Basic Freedoms of the FsF and gnu-linux project are subject to this disinformation rather than having it’sFOSS full support and promotion. :thinking:
The factually incorrect content…

Quote Abhishek:- “Trisquel is the Free Software Foundation recommended distribution. I am not surprised that it doesn’t support Nvidia drivers.”
… backed up by @abhishek is disinformation of the first order…! SFAIK the complete opposite is true - Until first generation of Maxwell architecture (GM1xx), any Nvidia card works perfectly with free/libre software. Either Intel integrated graphics or Nvidia recognizes correct resolution under a free/libre GNU/Linux distribution. ATI/AMD graphics cards are very hostile to free/libre software. Switch to an Nvidia 7xx or older GPU to use the Nouveau drivers; or switch to an Intel CPU with onboard graphics. (from the wiki - simples)

It would seem that there are 70+ posts with NVIDIA problems with ubuntu, mint and only the one dodgy topic purporting to be a review of a FSF gnulinux distro. It would suggest that it is the main distros are having troubles rather than FsF gnulinux… n’est pas? Or arse about face as we say in UK…!

So let’s see some proof with pictures - shall we go back 20 years and fire up my ancient CAD workstation that was built by a friend - slip in a DVD and see what happens after all this time running WinXP Pro. What’s this - instant recognition as splash screen is correctly displayed on equally ancient Samsung TFT monitor…

…Wow this is so unbelievably fast and recognises all hardware and peripherals. Calm down - of course it is going to be fast it is mini-Trisquel which is so light on resources - only…
trisquel@trisquel:~$ free
total used free shared buff/cache available
Mem: 4137584 133708 3065016 32540 938860 3591032
Swap: 0 0 0

figures obtained not long after loading. Is this a FOSS world record…? Set by ye olde home built tower…

So lets move forward a few years to 2007 and what a surprise - ye olde HP with…

…then to the 2010 Dell Latitude E6420 with different graphics - yet once again Trisquel and mini-Trisquel encounter no problems with graphics - might reduce the resolution to get larger menu text and icons…

We then have @Akito “The only thing you should look out for, is that AMD 6 graphics cards seem to be more reliable and more compatible with Linux, than NVIDIA ones.” :astonished:… :airplane: :pig2: :poop:… :rofl:
Ignoring the FsF gnulinux distros - pretending that it is not Linux. :wink:

Take extra care to stay safe :mask:

This is absolutely correct and everyone proficient in this topic knows that. AMD has more open source and Linux support, while NVIDIA barely does. That is an open “secret”.

For example, my friend who uses Kubuntu only, needs an AMD graphics card to get the best Wayland compatability. He wouldn’t be able to do that with NVIDIA.

The wiki pages and my practical real world examples compared to mainstream distros would suggest that you are completely wrong - again.
When we start quoting “my friend uses” the game is up - Oh dear…! :flushed:
In case you had not noticed - again - Kubuntu has nothing to do with FsF or the gnulinux project :roll_eyes: and not the subject of this disinformation. :roll_eyes:
Even with my lack of proficiency compared to your boundless ego I can deduce that if you have NVIDIA you are better supported by FsF and gnulinux out of the box - simples… :smirk:

To check the solution box is just arrogance in the extreme :airplane: :pig2: :poop:

Run Wayland with NVIDIA perfectly and we will start talking.

You are off topic - again.
If you want to discuss Wayland - start another Topic

To check the solution box is just arrogance in the extreme :airplane: :pig2: :poop: or is it just plain ignorance combined with that massive ego :open_mouth:

I am talking about NVIDIA’s bad support for Linux. My argument and proof for this claim is the example, that you need AMD to run Wayland in a sufficient manner. I couldn’t be any more on-topic.

Additionally, you are the one who says “nobody has proof” that Ubuntu is better for beginners, etc.

Where is your “proof” that Wayland works well with NVIDIA GPUs?

I never mentioned NVIDIA support for any distro.
So you are off topic - again - and Arse about Face too :joy:
I am saying that with FsF gnulinux distos like Trisquel, even mini-Trisquel straight out of the box onto your old or new computer - NVIDIA graphics work and are optimised. Trisquel is Linux end of.
Think we need @abhishek to come in on this explain his disinformation too. :slightly_smiling_face:
To check the solution box is just arrogance in the extreme :airplane: :pig2: :poop:

Hello @Andy2

It was a passing remark, opinion that “I won’t be surprised if Trisquel may not properly support the proprietary Nvidia drivers out of the box, specially on a 32-bit machine”.

That wasn’t a blanket statement and attempt to defame Trisquel GNU/Linux :slight_smile:

I don’t know if someone marked my reply as answer. I can assure you that it was not me and it was obviously not the solution :stuck_out_tongue:

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Hi Abhishek - can you not revoke the “solution” check boxes.
I think it was Akito who marked her uninformed #2 post.

No idea what you are talking about. Though, I am a 100% sure, none of this is “urgent”.

There goes that “massive ego” again… :crazy_face: :joy:
Yet can’t work out why ye olde CAD box is so breathtakingly fast born of efficiency, or why its ye olde NVIDIA Quadro FX 5800 was recognised by mini-Trisquel instantly out of the box and acceleration optimised without the need to do anything.
But does have the desperate need to change the subject to something else to hide ignorance of the facts. What a cheesy tawdry tactic :woozy_face:

There is your answer. Because it is stone old. Try running a card from the new RTX series…
GNU/Linux hardware support increases the older the hardware is.
Running 15 year old computers with Linux is painless and smooth, because there were just so many years time to finish developing all the necessary drivers and kernel modules, etc.

I did try to tell you that you did not know you arse from your elbow nicely but I guess your massive ego got in the way. :blush:
Do stop digging a hole… tell me when you reach Middle Earth… that should be big enough for your massive ego… :joy:

It should be obvious to all that you are still…

First deal with - why…

Do you have anything running this efficient or fast…? Has this efficiency ever been seen at it’sFOSS…?

I have no idea at all, how directly responding to what you literally said is “changing the subject” according to you.


Let me guess…

This is also changing the subject?

Perhaps I need to quote everything you say, without comments, so I do not change the subject?

I have no idea how to communicate if everything I directly respond, quoting your post verbatim is supposed to be “off-topic”, according to you.

It becomes more and more obvious, that you think your tests have any scientific value.
If you want to make valid tests, that can be taken into consideration for scientific research, then you need much more precise and extensive tests. Your tests almost test nothing. They do not show anything, but your personal view and bias. That is the whole thing you base your arguments on. It has no value for anyone, except you, because your tests are biased and only showing what you think is performant on your system. You do not even know it is performant. You just look at the system resource usage, according to a random Linux application and take this as “truth”.

Dear Akito, you can sense your abject desperation getting greater by the day if not the hour wanting everyone to see that your massive ego trip is justified by your knowledge :innocent: - now, even scientific knowledge… :face_with_raised_eyebrow:. :roll_eyes:. :joy:
You have not even suspected that I am just teasing you to see just how large your inflated ego can grow till it reaches critical mass. :boom: I currently estimate it to be on par with Marvin the paranoid android (robot) :robot: “Brain the size of a small planet and they ask me to - open the door…” :rofl:
I trust you have heard of the expression - “give them enough rope; and they will hang themselves…” You are doing just fine… :wink:
Will get back to you shortly … must pay tax to HMRC before I do anything else…!
In the meantime would you be so kind as to remove all those “false” solution ticked boxes starting with your #2 post - thanks.

That’s why Linus Torvalds stuck the middle finger up at NVIDIA all those years ago. AMD has always supported Linux. My first ever Desktop PC built by a computer shop, was fully AMD as I told the builder that it will be running Linux. My brother now has that PC and he is still running Linux on it. This was way back in 2006.

NVIDIA though for 64bit gaming systems has come along way, but you can’t beat AMD for out of the box reliability. Now with Ryzen taking over the market share, compared to Intel, who just release the same old stuff but with a different name. AMD have released so much all with different architecture, from processors with on board Vega graphics, to ones that need a dedicated graphic card to run with.

I love AMD, just wish that they would make decent graphic cards, but then again the choice is vast as you don’t need one with their gaming processors with Vega built in. Plus fitting all that architecture like my Ryzen 5 2600 with six cores twelve threads and the power is only 65Watts. I literally cried when I built my PC and saw the power and speed of my system for the first time, running Peppermint it flew along.


Hey Guys - Having received no apologies whatsoever for all the disinformation that has been spread could I give you this clear opportunity to do so…?
Are you still standing by your clear statements or do you wish to withdraw anything - now is your clear opportunity to do so. :wink: I have given you all plenty of rope… :wink:
We now have two professional independent reviews of Trisquel as well the clear accurate review conducted by myself of mini-Trisquel. Tests clearly show that Trisquel is the most efficient out of the box OS that can according to a computer manufacturer who pre-installs Trisquel quote Unleash new levels of work, action and intensity with powerful and libre software inside. Expertly designed to give you everything you desire in a modern computer that fully respects your freedom. Ready for work, school, university, coding…

Can the staff and owner give me the clear instruction to clear up this mess in a methodical polite manner and remove the present restrictions including but not limited to the gagging order…? Thanks :pleading_face:
Or as usual will I be accused again of persistent (28 days apart) spamming ?

ps awaiting inane posts to drown out this post too :wink:

Guess we need to add this deliberate disinformation to the long list:

No apologies so far :roll_eyes:

Gotta concur - it’s been years since I ran Linux on AMD GPU (probably even when they were still ATI :smiley: ) - they were okay… I guess… I remember I had one setup with “Crossfire” - where the discrete PCIe GPU would share the load with the on-board AMD GPU on the motherboard - worked okay on Windows 7 - but was a POS to get working on Linux - gave up and went NVidia (because I game!). Have to admit I’ve never tried to do NVidia’s version of “crossfire” (i.e. multiple GPU)… I’ve got a spare 2-core AMD motherboard with dual GTX GPU (6800 series - easy to fake being NVidia Quadro Pro GPU!) and SLI cable/bridge - but never tried Linux on this setup…

NVidia “out of the box” on Linux is still shit… I’d guess you’d probably have better “out of the box” with PopOS or whatever and NVidia GPU.

My experience buidling a PC from the ground up (well: with off the shelf parts I’d sourced locally and offshore - I don’t have my own silicon fabrication lab setup at home) - AMD Ryzen 7, MSI X570 chipset mobo, 16 (sometimes 8 - see previous posts) GB RAM, NVidia (Gigabyte branded) GTX1650 “super” and Samsung NVME storage.

First boot of Ubuntu 18.04.5 - wouldn’t even let me login (using Nouveau) to X11 - had to select the Wayland session to even login (took me a while to figure that out - even created a 2nd login!) to the GUI…

Once that part “gel’d” fired up the “Software and Updates” from the Gnome version of “the HUD pull down” (super key) - tabbed over to the “Additional Drivers” tab - picked the 460 series driver - and bang! After reboot I can login to the X11 session (note - there’s one app that stops me going Wayland : the “plank” dock - been using it for 6-7 years - there might be more that don’t like Wayland - that’s the only one I’ve found - and I haven’t figured out how to function without plank).

Then “do-release-upgrade” and in an hour I’m up and cooking with gas on 20.04.2 with 460 series proprietary NVidia drivers for my GPU…

I once (circa 2007) did desktop support for Linux desktops (about 160 desktops) for an “oil and gas” company - all the seismic exploration engineers had KVM switches on their desks, Windows XP on one PC, RHEL 4 amd64 Workstation (dual physical Opterons) on the other - updating the Proprietary Drivers on those was a PITA - it was mostly trained monkey stuff : “visit every desk” (like a well trained monkey), Ctrl+Alt+F2,3,4 to get to a TTY - kill ALL the X11 apps, and the DM (I think it was still “xdm” back in those days) - then navigate to the NFS share with the PROPRIETARY binary blob installer and install it and reboot…

So much easier these days… Ubuntu kills Red Hat everytime… Thanks Mr Shuttleworth! All you Mint (and every other Ubuntu derived distribution) users - should remember - Ubuntu made Debian easy to use for nearly everybody :smiley: (but still left us the shell to do real work in)…

Don’t get me wrong - I like Debian (run it on all my RPi systems) - but I’m iherently lazy, and Ubuntu (latest LTS) has the path of least resistance to productivity for my use case…


According to professional experts at DistroWatch: Ubuntu 20.1 :slightly_smiling_face: :wink:

Quote: ubuntu is sticking with X.Org for the default which probably still makes sense given the few corner cases where **Wayland can still struggle.

but a lot of little problems, distractions, and glitches too. I’d recommend passing on this release - OMG did DistroWatch say that…? :slightly_smiling_face: :joy: :rofl: Give that ubuntu a miss :smirk: :kissing_heart: :wink:

But seriously FOSSers take no notice and get on over to the real deal - it will be so simple - if not already obvious who knows what they are talking about - professionals or rank amateurs… :wink:

Enjoy :hugs: :kissing_heart: :wink: