No WiFi on mint is after new install

I cannot get WiFi to work on mint 19.1 on a new HP laptop

Hi, @h.forsyth26 ! :wave:

Do you have any idea what Wifi chip you have? What is the model of your laptop?

Firstly welcome to the community. Did you not set it up during the install? During the install, you are asked if you want to connect or not, it usually wise to do so. If you’ve not done so you can easily do so through the connection settings which again is easy to do so. If you are still experiencing problems, this page should help you:

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19.1 is not the latest Mint version. They ship 19.2 since 3 weeks with Kernel 4.15. So if this is a kernel issue you should try “latest greatest”.

Anyway … even with 19.1 in Mint there is a tool called System Reports. Maybe a good place to find out why your WiFi is not working and at least a good place to find out on which hardware you are running

Hi, @h.forsyth26
My usual question according to wifi problems on notebooks:
Is there a physical switch to turn wifi on/off? Or a special “function key” with a f-key? (e.g. “Fn-F2”)?
Did it function with the/any live-dvd? Or the pre-installed win10 (I suppose)?

Just not to overlook such little glitches…


I had the same problem with a slightly older laptop after a fresh 19.2 installation.
I went to the “Driver Manager” control panel, and activated the 3rd party driver there, as per this link:

That fixed it. :slight_smile:


What I don’t understand is why it wasn’t tried during the live version to check everything was working for that is the point of doing that. Or why the connection wasn’t made during the install which would have shown any problems?

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Hello , Sorry for the delay , here are the details ,
HP laptop , 15da,0998na , the WiFi adaptor is BUS 001 Device 002 , Ralink technology corp ., MT 7601 U . Hope this helps . This problem is well documented on the web for HP laptops , on the USB install there was no option for WiFi just a wired connection .
Regards , Hugh

Please go to a terminal and type this command and post the results here:
inxi -Nn

I Think ralink uses realtek chipset. if so you’ll need to install some third party drivers.

Hello , I have bought a WiFi dongle and stuck it into USB slot , works perfect , problem solved .

Will you please mark it as solved then. If you do not know how to do so, I will mark it solved for you. Thank you, it helps the community to know that you are not still looking for a solution

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