People are rude on Linux Mint Forums

That is something that needs to be improved on. Abhishek goes to great lengths to be nice and has that “talk like you out in public” culture. Things quickly snowball on the online discussion Linux forum. Hex chat is good in my experience, but other people have said negative things about it. I think the Linux community good be better overall. Linus Torvalds opened his big mouth recently and said Donald Trump is a “s___ stain on humanity.” I was doing a search for Linus and didn’t want to know this. I always get nervous with celebrities telling me who to vote for. Particularly with comments like that. Now I know he seems like a hard leftist and he’s insulted millions of people who voted for him. He lives in the United States and the welcome mat was spread out for him. America is supposed to be a democracy and the focus for him should be obvious: Linux! Not politics!

I remember going on chat and asking about certain things. I didn’t talk about politics but it was about everyday problems one might expect and things quickly snowballed. I was accused of being a snowflake and attacked for liking the software center. Every time I made comments about something I was talked down to.

I was pleased to know that Abhishek has doubled down on updates for Linux Mint and mirrors what he said in the conversation I had with him and others here. I had a fantasy of upgrading again but yeah I will do a clean install when the time comes: I didn’t know he was a developer, but he’s a very professional person. It’s sad that Windows/Mac updates are superior. I wish that wasn’t true. Most of the time nothing happened and when one time something went wrong, I kinda new that yeah… my computer was on the way out anyway (first time I TRIED upgrading Windows 10. But I’ve said ‘goodbye’ to Windows and use Linux full time. I was shocked to learn that people who are invested with Linux (big donors that are special board members) DON’T USE LINUX AT THE CONFERENCES!! It’s incredulous! I wear my heart on my sleave and get behind something like Linux and literally do use it. That has to change as well at the headquarters, but obviously we have no power over that or even what happens from distro to distro.

I keep getting emails about coming back and here I am. And I wish Linux people were nicer to newer people. In real life people are tolerant on LGBT, race and religion. So why can’t we be like this here? I swear people were heavy handed on the Linux Mint community and it was uncalled for. People get very snobby and have “cliques” (for want of a better word) or elitists like Distrotube on Youtube. Not that I hate the guy, he’s very good, but why does he think everyone should be elitist and like Linux that way? And why is Chris Titus seen as not committed to Linux? But, these people are entitled to their opinions and I have nothing against them. I was trying to make a point. But the main thing is the attitude in the forums gets in the way. Chat moderators make sure you are on topic in chat with Hex Chat. And I think that’s a good model to go by.

I remember with the Windows culture, we never use to have these weird discussions. We simply didn’t give a f___! If someone was an elitist everyone had a “live and let live” mentality. The mentality was like if you want more modifications on your car or firearm “that’s up to you.”

Anyway, I want Linux Mint to excel with customer service. I have this post because I know Linux Mint is excellent and I want people to enjoy it! You can run Windows games in Steam (if you have a modern computer and with a little tinkering it can work and gamepads work as well like Logitech.) You don’t have to have Adobe photoshop, there’s always an equivalent of everything. Sometimes it might be sad if your workplace demands you use a certain program that’s not officially available on Linux. You can transfer files from your phone to Linux Mint desktop, bluetooth, use printers and scanners and it all works well. I want people to feel that something like Linux Mint is the answer and have a great community that cares! Common sense like the “public” culture of talking to others on this site. Thanks for reading.


I can’t talk specifically about the Mint community. Despite having used several flavours of Linux, I never tried this specific one.

However, I do agree with your observation that manners in IT related forums still have plenty of room for improvements. On the other hand, things were far worse in the times when the web was basically a set of static pages and discussions were mainly held in the usenet, irc or mailing lists. A simple not too smart question or an unpopular opinion was enough to be qualified as DAU (Dümmster Anzunehmender User or Luser in English). Flame wars happened all the time. In comparison to the good ole days, today’s heated discussions are sweet exchanges of kisses.

Nonetheless, there are still way too many people who see others with perceived lesser knowledge as welcome targets for finding relief for their personal unresolved anger issues. I really hope that this will get better.

Regarding your statement “Windows/Mac updates are superior”, I don’t know what you are referring to. As I said, I don’t know Mint, but I feel that Linux updates/upgrades are usually as painless and unobstrusive as it gets. The same can definitely not be said about Windows updates.

As to your comments towards Linus’ opinion about who’s a “shit stain on humanity”, I can only say: Linus Thorvalds is a free human being and very well entitled to a personal opinion, although one might argue that in this specific case it might be considered rather a hardly to dispute empirical observation than an opinion (just kidding :wink:).


I run Linux Mint and have gone through their Forum, finding lots of horrible posts from well established Linux users. One said answer and this answer really gets up my nose is Google it. What is the point in having a forum if no one can help or at least have the decency, to answer or even write a tutorial?

I used to run Peppermint OS, unfortunately at the beginning of this year Mr Mark Greaves past away he took over the programming of Peppermint OS way back in Peppermint 6. The forums over there were wonderful, if you had a problem Mark would move heaven and earth to help you. It’s his determination and dedication that rubbed off onto me and all the other Peppermint Forum Users. None of us knew Mark in person, but just chatting with him on the Forum, we all got to know him in our own way. Even as I’m writing this I’m tearing up I miss Mark so much as well as others do on Peppermint Forums Community, as well as others who knew him in the Linux Community. I can’t believe it will be a year next January.

I love this forum as everyone is so friendly and have not come against any hateful comments or answers to people’s problems. If I can help I will try my best to find the answer, as I have learned a lot over the years from helping people in the Peppermint Forums. Manners cost nothing Please and thank you go along way, they are part of making people feel welcome and the more polite we all are, the better the experience is as a community.

I know it’s an easy excuse but thinking about it, Linux Mint is so popular I wonder if they have staff to keep an eye on the forum? A moderator would deal with all the nonsense, but going through pages dating back years and years would take a long time, let alone keeping up with it all with the latest release of Linux Mint 20.


I believe
If you cannot say something nice … don’t say it !
If it’s not helpful then don’t bother

For me the idea of Linux, no matter which version, is a great tool to use.

I do find that if I get negative comments either when asking a question or replying to one, then I walk away.

Yes let’s keep politics, religion, money, etc out of the forums, we are here to help not hinder.

5 Likes has it right–negative remarks help nobody. I’ve been using Mint for years and never felt the need to try the forum, but flamers seem to creep from their rocks just about everywhere. We can either try to show them the right way or simply ignore/boot them.

And if you’re keeping score, the shit stain was massively outvoted.

The shit stain may have been outvoted but he ushered in the greatest 4 years of any president in American history and love him or hate him, my 401 went unbelievable high and i can not say a bad thing about him, also mint is number one.


@geodude What is a “401”?

Thanks Mina. This is the eternal question: Why are left wing opinions always valued and safe space but not right wing opinions? I’ve overlooked Linus when he said ‘fuck you’ to Nvidia. He put up his middle finger. As a tech leader, it looks bad someone acts like this. We want more people to use Linux. At the same time it’s amazing how successful Linux is despite the relative low population of users. Richard Stallman is also very unprofessional. Worse than Linus! I’ve seen videos on Youtube.

You’ve give me things to think about. I just passing feedback.

I used Windows for a very long time. With Windows, I never had to update the program updates and so on. I just literally clicked the button and that was it. All the restarts was awful. But in Linux Mint you get warned you’ll lose your data (maybe!) and use Timeshift. It’s scary that even developers like Abhishek say this! I had another thread talking to Abhishek about this.

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Thanks. At least other people realize this.

Yeah. It’s been a tough year personally for me so I have sympathy over Mr Greaves passing away. It was pretty awful what happened to Ian Murdoch – who I think should be more well known. That guy was a genius! He died just before I used Linux. I read up on a lot of Distros and Wikipedia tells basic info. I don’t know hardly anything about Peppermint but I know they made some improvements on Ubuntu or Mint.

Yeah, but it’s too easy to say that about Trump. It’s always right wing politics that gets demonized even long before Trump. I got butterflies in my stomach when Linus revealed his politics. Like do we have to know? Everyone feels comfortable on the left of politics… There’s a huge choir that supports you… It’s a repulsive remark. He’s being so graphic about fecal matter! He’s a smart guy. I am sure he’s vocabulary is a lot better than that instead of making people feel ill…

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As much as I agree to the latter part of the statement, so much do I disagree with the former.
I reckon that all of these topics are absolutely valid discussion topics as long as we treat each other respectfully.

Honestly, I can’t confirm this observation. I also often find it hard to draw a clear line between what is supposed to be left or right.

This statement only makes sense if you said e.g. the statement
“Human made climate change is a huge problem” was left wing and denying it right wing but then it translates to empirical research is left wing and denying scientific theories is right wing. Obviously no person of sound mind would consider this right wing position to be seriously taken into account.

When it comes to such basic questions, the right position is often incompatible with reason or simple human decency but in all other matters conservative opinions are generally considered valid and become more often than not valid legislation.

As far as Linus’ statement is concerned, I can only say: If I were in his position as a (semi) public figure, I would probably have chosen more moderate language but on the other hand, he has every right to dislike the leaving president’s policies and personality, and to express it in graphical language.

There is a certain quality to say things as they are and not to hide behind euphemisms.
If something is fucking crappy, there is no point in calling it otherwise.

If you understand Spanish, I think this monologue by Enrique Pinti summarizes perfectly everything there is to say on the topic of curse words.

When it comes to private users, it is true that we are relatively few. However, when we are talking about professional server infrastructure or the usage within the scientific community, Linux is without doubt the leading platform.

Take this with a grain of salt. Linux users tend to be more careful than others. Mint’s warnings just remind you that it is always better to prevent than to cure.
Most of us also play and tinker regularly with our systems which sometimes can lead to unintended consequences.

Every computer user, be it on Linux, Windows, MacOS or whatever, should regularly backup her data.


“A 401k is a qualified retirement plan that allows eligible employees of a company to save and invest for their own retirement on a tax deferred basis. … This means that by contributing to a 401k, you actually lower the amount you pay in current income taxes.”

Overall, the U.S. stock market has done very well over the past 8 years. Anyone investing (like in a 401) in the stock market during this time probably has done very well.

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Thank you @easyt50!

Had I seen the k after the 401, it wouldn’t have confused me so much. I knew that this term stands for a tax reducing investment vehicle. However, as far as I know, it is not necessarily bound to stocks and shares but can also be based on bonds or other forms of investment.

Still, I always find it annoying that people throw around specific terms or abbreviations without feeling the need to properly introduce them. How is any reader from outside the US supposed to know about retirement plans in that country? In the UK, the equivalent is called ISA, here in Switzerland Säule 3a.

I may be old-fashioned but I strongly believe that proper use of language is crucial for mutual understanding, especially if we consider that most, or at least many, users of this forum are not native speakers of English.

I don’t know what you base your assessment that the last four years have been “the greatest 4 years of any president in American history” but it can not be the general economy:

Here’s a look at average GDP growth rates under the last six U.S. presidents:

  1. Bill Clinton (D): 3.88%
  2. Ronald Reagan (R): 3.48%
  3. Jimmy Carter (D): 3.25%
  4. George H.W. Bush (R): 2.25%
  5. George W. Bush (R): 2.2%
  6. Barack Obama (D): 1.62%
  7. Donald Trump (R): 0.95%
In his first four years in office, Trump has had by far the lowest average U.S. GDP growth rate of any of the last seven U.S. presidents.

source: Yahoo Finance

If we look at pure stock market returns, the picture looks better but still not as impressive as the leaving president claims:


@Mina, you made some greatly interesting points and I agree with most. Currently I cannot address all or a majority of points, so please allow me to cherry pick a single simpler point.

I want to point out that I think just looking at this number alone is very uninformative. Almost disinformative. The reason for that is the fact, that such outcomes depend on so many factors and their variants.

For example, I think it is unfair to attest a low growth simply to the kind of politics a single man at the top applied. Especially regarding stock markets.

The last 10 years have been pretty turbulent. So it was already harder for Trump to deal with it. Some also say that Obama got a good reputation (and perhaps numbers) , because of things that started to show fruits during his presidency, even though they were initiated years before he even started.

Now regarding stock markets, I see even less fault in the former president’s politics. Stock markets on the big scale are EXTREMELY based on people’s feelings. If the people feels sick, the stock market is sick. If the people feel like they are screwed over, the stock market is. So, if a president is chosen and almost all media in the Western world is belittling him like he is some kind of mongoloid child, then of course stock markets will have issues or perhaps not show the best results. It’s all about image and what you look like in media.
Another example:
Everyone loves Elon Musk. Oh how the media loves him, he is pretty much “The Tech God”. Now to the facts: He is not a bad person! He’s done nice things. Correct. However, currently he is working on a project called “Hyperloop” which is beloved and spammed in every American media and even in Europe it has already been mentioned a couple of times. Everyone loves this Hyperloop, it’s growing and growing and growing!
Now the really big BUT:
The Hyperloop is from a scientific and especially physical perspective a misconstruction. It is possible to create it, but to summarize: it is absolutely stupid to make such device. It would be EXTREMELY dangerous, expensive and unpractical. Yet, everyone loves Musk and the Evangelium he brought to us in form of The Hyperloop . Hail to the Tech Lord and his holy scripture, called the Whitepaper. (Additionally, the idea of a vacuum train is about a hundred years old and he has stolen it and marketed it as his idea. Yet, praise the Tech Lord. Do not question him and his deeds. If you do, you are just an idiot.)

So, what I’m trying to say is, you can do good and be hated for it, you can do useless stuff and be loved for it. It mainly depends on media and the current Zeitgeist.


It was not there, he only type 401 assuming everyone knew what he meant. And yes you are correct that the investment is not limited to the stock market.

Agree 100%. Especially since this forum has an international audience. Even posting about Linux, people will many times post abbreviations about Linux or servers assuming everyone is at their technical level. Sometimes I will ask the poster to explain.

Again agree. Mr. Trump can not take all the credit. The stock market has had a great return since the ’ Great Recession of 2007-2008’. During the past 10 years the S&P 500 have has “an annual average return of 13.6% in the past 10 years.”

I have been very blessed. My investments (bonds & market) has more then double in value since 2008.

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Hey Guys @Mina and @Akito I had to reply to say how impressed I am with your researched and thought through, calming posts – beyond my scope! :blush:
On a lighter note too; we had a vacuum propelled train here, running along the South Coast of England. It is significant for being one of the greatest engineers, Isambard Kingdom Brunel’s error in recommending the use of this existing patented system to the directors for an extension of the Great Western Railway (GWR) affectionately known today as God’s Wonderful Railway. Around 1847 the leather sealing flaps which would freeze in winter were coated with animal fats which had the affect of keeping the leather soft and supple but provided a tasty meal for rats – guess Brunel did not see that coming :open_mouth: at 68 miles per hour (109 km/h)

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Hey @atto just had to respond –

have you watched the Trump videos or Washington Post tapes with Trump and Billy Bush – no pun or innuendos from me. :wink: You seem to get easily upset by Linus and Richard – great guys though – yet have nothing to say about the crutch grabbing half-wit? :shushing_face:
Or as Trump said on tape because of his fame he can “do anything” to women, even “grab them by the pussy.” “I moved on her like a bitch, but I couldn’t get there. And she was married,” - “Then all of sudden I see her, she’s now got the big phony tits and everything. She’s totally changed her look.”
Hey it’s so easy to find; it’s even on Wiki…! Did you accidentally miss it all…? :astonished:
Sorry to have to quote such crass rude banter in the public domain – he is the President :us: - to put all of your misgivings about the people you list into some form of context here. :thinking: Trust that is okay with you…? I make no apologies as it renders your subsequent post so amusing if not ironic… one wonders which “vocabulary” upsets your sensitivities the most? :roll_eyes:

“Everyone feels comfortable on the left of politics… There’s a huge choir that supports you…” Well that’s as maybe but could I say that it’s far better than large group of right wing knuckle dragging Trump supporters armed to the teeth including automatic weapons trying to impose their “values” on others by intimidation. But yes I respect and uphold your right to criticise Linus and Richard as I would go out of my way to defend them – heaven save us from banal platitudes, mincing words and pussy footing around.
Could I ask the right wing to protect others and wear suitable face coverings :mask: as over the pond the dead are piling up (Reuters) – The United States lost 15,000 people to COVID-19 last week, the deadliest seven days since April, and health officials warned that the worst is yet to come. - that’s right wing policies enacted by Trump …. as you say “is a lot better…instead of making people feel ill……” :face_with_thermometer:

geodude, the only thing Trump didn’t screw up was Obama’s economy. You don’t owe any thanks to the Orange Turd. Since this is an international forum, maybe you should join in on our national apology for the world’s worst president.

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Right now it seems like contributers to this thread are digressing more and more from the original topic at hand. Perhaps we should return back to the original topic at hand, so we don’t end up in chaos within this thread.


We got indeed a little bit into the woods here. However, what some may see as chaos, I prefer to see as an opportunity to get to know my fellow forum members a little bit better, to learn something, to possibly disprove Godwin’s Law in the course of the discussion or to just provide a bit of entertainment.

You’re absolutely right. However, I did not try to prove that Trump was the incarnation of the devil or that his goverment was a mere disaster in terms of handling the economy but to merely disprove his and his fanboys’ assertion of him being the most successful president in living memory: When we look at the hard numbers as I provided, there is simply no evidence for such a claim. He himself often mentioned growth rates and stock market returns as proof for the claim mentioned above.

Aside from this, I cannot see which other “tremendous” achievements his administration could have accomplished: Handling of the pandemic? Putting children in detention camps? Dismantling institutions and revoking environment protection regulations? Space force?
Hardly so, I guess.

On the upside, there seems to be merely the fact that he was one of the very few American presidents who did not start a war but this is also hardly a huge success story. Most countries didn’t start any wars in the last four years.

In the end, there is only the economy’s positive development before the COVID19 outbreak left but which, as the evidence shows, can hardly be called exceptional. That was what I tried to make clear.

Now to something completely different

Oh yes, the Hyperloop and the cult of the genius, pure entertainment gold … what a wonderful interjection. Thank you, dear!