Please congratulate me!

Greetings Ladies and Gentlemen,

You’re all hereby requested to congratulate me because my wireless keyboard+mouse combo completes 10 years of usage this month! During this time, I encountered many issues, but somehow managed to keep them both running.

Please see this for more.

Special invitation to Mr. @shamu (hope you’re doing great man!).


Congratulations go to your keyboard/mouse set!

My friend, Shamu, died in april.
I miss him so much…

I …I am very sorry to hear that. I just logged in after many months.

We had a sort of bet as to whether my keyboard+mouse will survive till Jun-2023. I had no idea that he was under such life and death struggle…and that he won’t survive :frowning: :cry:

Om Shanti


Greetings Rohit.
It is upsetting getting shock news like that.
I am sure Shamu is doing well in his new place,


I’m closing this thread.

Mod(s)/Admin, please close/lock this thread. To let it continue appears in poor taste.